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Toko Online Bisnis Wajib Para Kuli Online

Learning Online Business - Are you a person who already has a plan wants to plunge into the world of online business ? but still confused as to what want binis online .
A wide variety of online businesses are spread in the internet wilderness so if we do not have peunjuk direction then we will easily get lost , if in real life peujuk direction in the woods is a map and compass directions in duia the internet is a mentor or coach .

Yes before starting into business iternet make sure you have a mentor or coach , or advisor who can address if we are wrong in their stride , no need oraang can directly invited to speak , the mentor can be a book , a forum , or anything that can be used as a handle .
Problem mentor I will discuss this later with a separate , back to business problems olnline , if there is a business in onlie as I have ever tried in it in previous posts may shop online / sell items online is a business that is very fast and can be enjoyed produces results her .
Do not think to make a web site with a sophisticated online store software and maintenance costs , it is difficult for us and also aka buyers , but try to think simple , simple , it is in his special buyers want appears logical , then selling online through online mall mall in a sense already large pool , or even facebook , BBM , it will very quickly produce .
The most important thing is the selection of products that will be sold as well as our honesty in selling to build a good reputation , with a good reputation will tersa its effect on the business that we Pulau Tidung build , one thing that is important is to focus , so focus on one things do not easily persuaded each other temptations yag business .Porters of vegetables in Pasar Senen , Sumarna lot to learn about the vegetable business . From there he also tried his fortune with his own bold vegetable stalls . Of chili , turnover Sumarna now Rp 3 billion per month .
No one ever thought that if middle-aged man named Sumarna , market stall owners in Kramat Jati , East Jakarta , was an accomplished businessman , multi- billions of dollars . His business is still only of chili and vegetable trade in the Market Master . However , make no mistake , this business every day hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the pockets Sumarna .
From his stall that he named Cheap Sustenance , Sumarna able to sell 1.5 tons of red chili , cayenne 2.5 tonnes and 6 tonnes of onions per day . Currently the price of red chili around Rp 25,000 per kilogram ( kg ) , cayenne pepper Rp 12,000 per kg , and tomato Rp 4,500 per kg .
Of sales , turnover has now bagged Sumarna every day to Rp 107 million or around Rp 3 billion per month . From there , he claimed to earn a net profit of 5 percent - 10 percent . " I took profit net of tomatoes can Rp 500 per kg , and chili around Rp 1,000 per kg to Rp 2,000 per kg , " he said .
Not easy for Sumarna raising his efforts . Already dozens of years , he pioneered the business of up to now . All of this began in the early 1960s , when Sumarna migrated from their villages in Serang , Banten , Jakarta . Without the provision , he migrated to Jakarta . The options , worked odd jobs .
In addition to being a waiter, he also became porters vegetables in Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta . Five years of this work he lakoni . Although income tight , clever Sumarna saving . Understandably , he does not want so determined livelihood as porters . Feeling savings enough , Sumarna dared stalls themselves by choosing to trade chillies .
Sumarna say , work as maids and porters greatly helped when pioneering this business . From there , he learned to obtain supplies , and establish relationships with buyers and collectors vegetables . Slowly , chili Sumarna trade business began to grow . After five years of trading in Senen Market , around 1970 , decided to move Sumarna market stall to Kramat Jati , East Jakarta .
In a new place , started the business from scratch Sumarna again . " When I go there , my capital is only courage , honesty , and trust of the customers and suppliers of goods , " said the man who has been blessed with four children and six grandchildren.
However , thanks to a flexible interaction , especially with suppliers and buyers , Sumarna business continues to grow . Currently the supply of peppers , tomatoes , and onions he obtained from Garut , Sukabumi , Padang and Bengkulu . Layanan SEO Murah He was now a permanent subscription traders various traditional markets in Jakarta and surrounding areas .
Of trade chili , Sumarna has four stalls at Block H Kramat Jati Market . One stall he used himself to trade , the rest leased to other merchants . " One of my stall rent of Rp 2 million per month , " he added .
Results of chili he turn a profit selling to buy land and buy public transportation . " The results should be good at keeping trade . Trade should be honest and do not be green if you see the money , " he said .
Wheels are always spinning tub , Sumarna businesses often have ups and downs . He successfully raising efforts when deciding to move the location to sell to markets Kramat Jati , East Jakarta , in 1970 . Interested stall holders Sustenance is helped thanks to his good relations with the relationship , such as customers or suppliers from Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta , formerly the location of his stall .
In a short time , his business of selling red chili , cayenne pepper , and tomatoes in the wholesale market more flying . He also managed to pay off the mortgage stall just in a period of seven years . During ten years of selling , subscriptions remain Sumarna is the traditional market traders in Jakarta . In the 1980s , commodity merchandise began to explore modern shopping malls , such as supermarkets .
At first , the expansion of the supermarket to run smoothly . In fact , it can increase its revenue . However , after a ten year run , sales slumped in the modern market . In fact , Sumarna could lose hundreds of millions because of damaged goods not replaced the self . " Over time I lost because they take the goods first and pay , " he said .
Finally , in 1990 , decided to stop supplying Sumarna modern market . Fortunately , Sumarna sales in the wholesale market continue to run normally . In the wholesale market , he remained a traditional subscription market traders in Jakarta and surrounding areas , such as Cengkareng Market , Two Bridges Market , and Market Pesing .
From there profits keep flowing into the pockets Sumarna . Most of the sales profits had saved in the bank . From the results of his labors , the savings amount to billions of dollars . However , the trials back to him . " The money I corrupted my five employees who are not honest , " he said ruefully .
Sumarna storytelling , deflation savings done gradually since the end of 2010 . Mid-2011 he had realized savings of USD 1.8 billion provides employees sold stolen . Mode penilapan money by employees is very detrimental Sumarna . For example , from supply 10 kg of tomatoes , employees only pay to suppliers as much as 3 kg . The incident lasted for about six months . Next thing you know of a supplier invoice payments ballooned . " So without knowing it , I had to pay twice the supply of goods , " he said pulau pari.
Conscious been fooled , fifth Sumarna dismissed employees . " Let , I can only cry in the inner course and survive , " he said .
As a businessman , Sumarna have an unyielding spirit . Although once nearly bankrupt when cheated his employees , he is not broke. After being cheated employees to billions of dollars , Sumarna had fallen down. Businesses that have been pioneered for decades almost bankrupt . She almost despair . " At the time I run out of capital , I was in shock and wanted to stop trading , " recalls Sumarna .
However , thanks to the encouragement of colleagues and family , Sumarna was trying to get back up . Because they already have a young soul since the trade , it did not take long for him to rekindle entrepreneurial spirit . When again tried to get up , the first step was to fire five employees did the alleged fraud .
So that similar incidents do not happen again , he recruited employees of his own relatives . " I recruited you from home , " said the native man Serang , Banten , this .
To add to the capital to sell , Sumarna sell his piece of land worth USD 185 million . Thanks to the tenacity , the lapse of six months from a fraud case , the condition gradually stabilized his business capital . As a result , the stock of vegetables in his stall remain available in sufficient quantity . Not surprisingly, the stall still hunted customers from traditional market dealers in Greater Jakarta . Today he is able to serve the sales of about 1.5 tons of red peppers , 2.5 tons of cayenne pepper , and 6 tons of tomatoes per day .
That much of the sales , turnover flows into the pocket reaches Rp 107 million per day or U.S. $ 3 billion a month . Although his business is getting better now , Sumarna not plan to expand its business and increase sales outlets chili . The reason , he was now no longer young . "If the age of say

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