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Cara Membuat Artikel Berkualitas


SEO tips for bloggers would be very important for all users blogs for business purpose or bloggers who aim to make money as an alternative to an additional monthly income . Having a good SEO blog obat aborsi on the top search engines like billboards mounted on the side of the highway was jammed .
Many people will notice your billboard . Many people will be aware of your business " there " .
This means that the greater the chance of getting money . Interesting is not it? if it is talking about how to make money from a blog of course you will be excited to learn SEO tips for bloggers deeper. However, it is undeniable that many people are still struggling to learn SEO tips for bloggers .
This is understandable because a lot of SEO tips for bloggers on the internet using the language and technical terms can sometimes be difficult for a novice blogger . For that I am interested in creating SEO tips for bloggers is a better understanding of the SEO .
To note , I'm one of the bloggers that difficulty . Therefore I wanted to alat bantu sex  make this complex becomes easy , even though many experts say SEO is actually not difficult .One of the things that needs to be done is to look for quality backlinks with regular format or at least stabilized the backlinks even provide income that continues to climb each day . But in fact many of us who struggle to get quality backlinks that may not even know what constitutes quality backlinks alone .
Backlink itself has a meaning that a link or backlinks that have a reciprocal relationship between 2 or more websites in the form of anchor text that leads to our website . For example , a site link is in site B and site B is located at site A. The point is that backlinks are a link or links that when clicked will lead to a page of our website .
SEO tips for bloggers that would have made me give this blog that was born in January 2012 was perched in fourth place the first page of Google search engine from the tens of millions of other competitors . ( at the time this article was made ) To begin let's find out what SEO was .
But in spite of it all we also need to build a foundation of backlinks to a website that is sturdy and does not wobble amid fierce competition in the SEO world that today's so intense . Well for that we also need to know some important factors in the SEO world as it should be dofollow backlinks , backlink it should be one way ( Do not exchange links ) , keyword backlinks should be varied ( at pulau pari least 5 variations ) , pertambahannya should tend to be consistent . Better 100 backlinks per day for 100 days , rather than once in a day 10000 backlinks , backlink it should be 90 % to the homepage and 10 % is directed to the most important articles in our blog , 10 backlinks from PR2 pages better than a PR4 backlink pages . Although PR is passed may be larger but the number of voting anchor text is very little . Though voting is the anchor text that helps the specification of keywords a web page , and not have to hunt down the focus of high -quality backlinks , quality backlinks ordinary home can also help a lot and of course dofollow .

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