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Secrets to Successful Online Promotion and ofline On The Internet

Pulau Pari Keep in mind that as good and seluarbiasa whatever you offer products via the Internet, you can only make a sale for sale if you are smart marketing master. If you do not master the internet marketing product no matter how great it would be difficult to generate sales through the internet.
To promote your product or services, promotion There are two ways you can do:

Offline promotion
if in the previous post I talked a lot about procedures, tips or tricks campaign by the online way for this post I will share to my friend about "10 ways offline promotion easiest and most effective". I think there are ways or methods of promotion are two ways, pulau pari namely how online and offline.

Do not ever underestimate the offline promotion techniques this way before the internet because there certainly is the most effective way and even today, although the way of online promotion is becoming the choice of the seller of the product but the way the offline promo pal still worth doing.

If my friend that beginners sedung plunge in the business world should be than how to do online promotion also means that offline sales targets sobatlebih full power. Here are some ways that offline alat bantu sex promotion easy and effective is or what is worthy pal practice:

1. Advertised which had a large circulation or broad market, for example Republika newspaper, Kompas, Media Indonesia and others.

2. Put an ad in a tabloid or magazine

3. Convey messages verbally promo or media of communication such as via telephone and SMS.

4. Establish cooperation with the owner of the cafe (the new way), ask the cafe owner to make the start page URL as a comrade in the cafe. This way if my friend has an online store.

5. Sticker plug in a crowded public place, an example of the market, mall, terminal alat bantu sex and others.

6. Sticker plug in a motor vehicle if my friend had a motorcycle or a car.

7. Cooperation with the owners of rental places PS or computer course, made a deal with the owner of the rental or computer course to put stickers easy pal in place in view of visitors.

8. Buddy can make an attractive addition to a sales letter makes sticker.

9. Name Card, this effect seem trivial but very nice.

10. Create a logo and business link, if my friend did korespondensai by anyone using the letters do not forget to put a logo or link on letterhead. This will make an impression on people and can judge if my friend pulau tidung  is a professional and creative businesses.

Actually there are several techniques or ways of promotion offline but I will share in the next post. Of some of the above should be done a few ways to reduce the cost of first promo pal but if my friend had enough capital can not hurt to apply all of the techniques above.

Although the products or services that you have, you run through the internet, but do not underestimate how offline campaign. Although not mandatory but how offline campaign would be enough to support your offline promotion online. Ways you can do offline promotion through several ways, among others:

Offline promotion can be done directly (through friends, relatives, siblings, etc.)
Installing the classified ads in the print media, newspaper, tabloid, etc..
Distribute flyers and brochures to various cafes and other public pulau tidung  places.
Include the URL or address of your website on your business card.
Directly to inform everyone you know.
Your URL embroidered on hats, t-shirts etc..
Through the striker posting on your car or motorcycle, etc..
Can be made through the contact section in a newspaper or magazine reader.

Online promotion stage consists of several stages and ways. Remember the goal is not just for the installation of direct promotion. But also to embed your link in other places. Remember that if your URL or link contained in a lot of places / sites will increase the popularity of your site which will mean a lot to improve your site's rank in search engines.
obat telat bulan  Register the address of your site to search engines or search site is the first step that you must do in this online promotion stage. How to register your site to the search engines of national / international, visit the site, then look for a link, add site / add url / add url / submit your site / etc ......., then fill in the title and description of your website and its URL. And in a short time your site will be in their database. Usually you need to fill in your data search engine registration along with the url alone. If your business or website aimed at consumers Indonesian society only then register your website address to the Search Engine below:


You can obat telat bulan look for a new web site with a track through http://www.google.com. Enter the keyword "Search Engine Indonesia", Indonesia directory ", the search engine or the like.
One of the hottest promotions and can be directly on the target is a direct e-mail. Advertising or email marketing you will go directly to the intended inbox every person. You need to make a good sales letter if you do promotions with this method. There are various ways to obtain email address is your target. Way that we do not recommend is collecting e-mail addresses with the help of software (there is software that can download e-mail address of a website). There are several ways to obtain e-mail addresses that you will make your target market. The easiest is to look at the classified ads. Find e-mail addresses which have in common with this business, then if you send an e-mail with your campaign, then you have to say on the content of your message that you are interested in advertising and that he intends to offer a variety of opportunities as well as e-mail him the only once coming. Another way to search for email addresses is through mailing lists or newsgroups obat aborsi .
One effective way to promote use email facility is promoted through a mailing list that allows you to advertise on the mailing list. Mailing list like that a lot of numbers with an average of one mailis have members more than 100 people. You can find this type on the mailing list by entering the keyword http://groups.yahoo.com "advertisement" or other relevant keywords such as "business opportunities" in the search form.
Utilizing free advertising websites to promote is one popular way of promotion. Means the most familiar and most frequently used by advertisers are classified advertisement. The most commonly used but its effectiveness is not very satisfactory.
In Indonesia internet, mini ad won a position in the functional capabilities facilitate the promotion and marketing of our alat bantu sex products and website. If we are good at choosing the site ad free ... it will be easier for us to accept the results of ad posting we did some time ago. To put an ad in the free classifieds site very easy. You just fill in the request form and after that advertising your advertisement will be mounted directly on their site. If you want to put an ad in the free classifieds site, then the things that need to be considered are:

Choose a site advertising that many visitors.
Select the most appropriate category on your ad.
Make the title interesting and can make the site visitors interested to read your ad.
Should use interesting words and firm, not long-winded. Avoid words that are too flashy and bombastic.

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