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Related to Food Security in Indonesia, according to Bappenas

Related to Food Security in Indonesia, according to Bappenas there are 4 national strategic issues, namely:
Kakakdewa.com Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya      Increased food production, particularly the achievement of a surplus of 10 million tonnes of rice in 2014 as well as the achievement of fishery production 22.39 million tons in 2014.
     Acceleration diversification of food consumption.
     Stabilization of food prices in the country.
     Improving the welfare of farmers and fishermen.

  Map of Food Security and Vulnerability in Indonesia

source: bkp.deptan.go.id

Resilience and Vulnerability Description Map of Indonesian Food:

Of the 346 districts analyzed Food Security Council (DKP) there are 100 counties that have a high risk of food insecurity and require priority handling.

Among the 100 districts rated in the bottom of the so-called Map of Food Security and Vulnerability 2009 is subdivided into three priority areas, namely: priority 1, priority 2 and priority 3.

There are 30 districts which include Priority 1 to get treatment, the majority of districts spread across eastern Indonesia, especially in Papua (11 districts), NTT (6 districts) and West Papua (5 districts). The total population reached 5,282,571 inhabitants.

Which includes Priority 2, there are 30 districts, which are mostly found in West Kalimantan (7 districts), NTT (5 districts), NAD (4 districts), an
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA d Papua (3 districts). The total population reached 7,671,614 inhabitants.

Which includes Priority 3 contained 40 kabupetan, which are mostly found in Central Kalimantan (6 districts), Central Sulawesi (5 districts) and NTB (4 districts). The total number of residents in this region Priority 3 11,785,667 inhabitants.

Determination of the status of the resilience and vulnerability of an area in the map is based on 13 indicators grouped into 4 categories. First, the availability of food. Indicators that are analyzed are 1) the normative per capita consumption of the ratio of net availability of rice + cassava + maize + sweet potato. Second, Access to Food. The indicators are: 2) The percentage of the population below the poverty line; 3) The percentage of villages that do not have access to adequate liaison, and 4) The percentage of the population without access to electricity.

Third, utilization of food (food consumption, health and nutrition). The indicators are: 5) Life expectancy at birth, 6) weight infants below the standard, 7) Female illiteracy, 8) Households without access to clean water; and 9) Percentage of population living more than 5 km from a health facility. (Source: Kompasiana)

quality diet

Quality of food refers to the adequacy of nutrients in food. The food quality has two components, namely the diversity of food and variety of foods or food (Ruel, 2003, SCN, 2007). The diversity of food is described as the amount of food or food groups consumed over a given period (Drewnowski, Henderson, Driscoll, and Rolls, 1997). Ruel (2003) and Onyango (2003) also showed that the diversity of food is directly related to the quality of food.

A household may reflect dietary quality if the household safe food, through the quality of food that meets the nutritional needs of the household (Ruel, 2003). It is important that the nutritional intake of food should be increased because of an inadequate diet under conditions of food insecurity can be a direct cause of malnutrition (Wenhold and Faber, 2006). This is especially true of children, because of the need for the various stages of its life cycle and development.

Given the nutrients contained therein, M
sakaupoker.com agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayaoringa leaves can contribute to the diversity of food and quality of food from households that need improvement of their nutritional intake. But it is also important to know the public acceptance of the Moringa leaves as a source of quality nutrition.

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The attack on the nutmeg fruit

The attack on the nutmeg fruit is ripe cause skin spotted yellow to dark brown-black. The leaves and the base of the infected leaves become dark blackish brown, fallen leaves, and eventually the tree becomes bare.
Obat pembesar Penis Vimax Control of fruit rot and leaf fall can be done by regulating the spacing width (rare), pruning diseased, and sanitsi garden.
4. Torn white
The cause of the disease is divided white fungus (mushroom) Coreneum sp. Symptoms of attack are there small patches of purple-brown on the outside of the fruit flesh between the ages of 5-8 months. These spots increase in size and turn black. Meat infected fruit becomes black. Meat infected fruit becomes split and then the fruit will fall before the old.
White split disease control can be done by making drainage (drainage) is good, sulfur fumigation under a tree with a dose of 100 grams of sulfur / tree, throw the fruits are attacked, and spraying fungicides.
5. Tableware Fruit Oil Efforts to combat the use of chemicals in the form of pesticides, among other fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, nematicides, acaricides, and others. How eradication is relatively quick and paraktis, but often cause side effects. For if the user is not careful could endanger human health or other organisms, can also disrupt the balance of nature.
But however prevention will always be better than eradication. Below will be described briefly some of the pests and diseases that often attack oil palm plantations, as well as several businesses and Prevention of eradication.

Jadwal BolaPalm Oil Plant Pests Nematodes Symptom New leaves will be rolled open and grow upright. Furthermore, the leaves change color to yellow and dry up. Decay occurs in bunches of flowers and not opened, so do not menghasilakn fruit.
Cause Nematodes Rhadinaphelenchus cocophilus. These pests attack the roots of the plant oil palm.
Eradication Infested trees poisoned denagn sodium arsenite. To eradicate the source of infection, after the plants die / dry dismantled and burned
Mite Symptom Attacked leaves change color from green to shiny bronze (bronz). Nursery or nurseries were damaged.
Cause Red mite (Oligonychus) whose length is 0.5 mm. Bone throughout her life as she leaves the child suck the fluid daun.Hama lead and thrive in dry weather conditions in the dry season.
Eradication Spraying with acaricides containing the active ingredient tetradifon 75.2 g / l. Examples of these acaricides is Tedion 75 EC are sprayed with a 0.1-0.2% concentration.
Pimelephia ghesquierei

Judi Bola OnlineSymptom The presence of a hole or space in the former movement of young leaf caterpillars of this pest. If there is wind blowing, leaves much broken.

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The method of cultivation which would be applied very supportive of the success of a business. Currently pearl oyster farming method that is
Obat pembesar Penis Vimaxwidely used is to use Keramba cage (KJA).: In the implementation of aquaculture facilities and infrastructure needed in order to expedite the implementation of the farming activities. These facilities are used in the enlargement of the KJA oysters are as follows:

1. Aquaculture facilities and infrastructure
a. Framework Raft
Framework / rafts serve to hang Spat maintenance medium / slugs oysters. The framework can raft made of bamboo, wood or metal pipe that had been painted anti rust. The selection of material for a raft frame is dependent on the availability of the location. The shape and size of the raft frame varies depending on the number of spat that will be maintained. A raft typically consists of four - eight holes.
b. Float
The buoy serves to float the entire aquaculture facilities, can be used buoys of material plastic drum, steel drum, or sterofoam. The size and number of buoys are used in accordance with the magnitude of the load and the buoyancy of the buoy, for example, a raft of bamboo size consisting of six pieces floating cages (3x3x3 m) required buoy plast
Jadwal Bolaic drum / steel drum volume of 200 liters total of 12 pieces. Buoy with a rope tied to a raft of polyethylene (PE) with diameters of 0.8-1.0 cm.
c. Spat collectors
Spat collectors are used to place the material spat stick, made of rope fibers PE (polyethylene), asbestos waves, or blades peralon pipe. If the collector material of fiber rope material or other materials in the form of fibers, it must use the place of steel frame / wire size 40-50 cm. The use of pipe peralon blades can be made by: peralon pipe with a length of 30-50 cm and a diameter of 2-3 inches menjadu cut in two, then the blades pipe with a rope tied round 40-50 cm.
d. Basket Maintenance
Maintenance of snails can do maintenance on baskets hanging on a floating raft. The materials used for the baskets are usually made of stainless wire or netting. Basket made of wire maintenance galvanizer parent, or even better if plastic coated or asphalt, so that durability can reach 2 to 2.5 years. Basket size 25 x 25 x 60 cm. The baskets can be filled snail maintenance size 6 -8 (DVM) as many as 15 tails.

Judi Bola OnlineAs for the nursery or maintenance Spat newly transferred from the hatchery can be used netting basket size 40 x 60 cm. Spat measuring 2-3 cm (DVM) maintained in a basket with a mesh width of 0.5 to 1 cm. Mesh width used should be tailored to the size of the spat, spat the larger the size the greater the mesh size, so that the water circulation can be maintained.

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Waxaa jira dhowr nooc oo oranji dhanaan,

Waxaa jira dhowr nooc oo oranji dhanaan, laakiin orange waa kumquat caanka (Fortunella Margarita). Orange waxay leedahay faa'iido ah kuwaas oo midho sanadka oo dhan, cufan, iyo midho waa soo jiidasho leh si ay u eegaan. Miraha kale NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesiaee liinta waxaa lagu badan nimcaysan bulshada Indonesian waa lime (amblycarpa Citrus). Dhirta waxay inta badan ditanama oo dheryay ku. Guud ahaan, dayactirka iyo ubax at ah oo ku saabsan Qaybdiid ee liin isku orange macaan. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, siin masaafada bacrinto liinta acidic. Halkan waxa ku jira marxaladaha in tabulampot liinta leh acid culus.

Sii xubno ka bacriminta hear of P iyo K si kicin koritaanka Xiisaha tabulampot. Sii bacriminta tsp oo la per dheriga wax ka badan 50 garaam. Haddii tabulampot hore u ahaan dulsaarka, dib-u-soo codsan bacriminta Asili 15:15:15 leh qiyaas oo ah mid ka mid qaado oo of bacriminta kala diri in 10 litir oo biyo ah. Markaas, ku shub xal bacriminta on tabulampot sida ugu badan 0.5 litir ah. Bacarimiso sidoo kale waxaa la samayn karaa by jirkuna dhexdhexaad ah beeritaanka ku wareegsan warshad sida qoto dheer sida 10 cm. Waxaa si joogto ah ma u, ugu yaraan afar bilood si aad u hesho natiijooyinka ugu badnaan.
Biyaha Stress
Daaweynta stress Water ahaa u horseeday dadka jidaynayey dhexdhexaad ah beeritaanka ay u qalalaan oo aan waraabiyo. By habka, yaraynta xoogga waraabinta 3-5 maalmood. Haddii dhex-dhexaad sii kordhaysa ee waa qalalan iyo dhirta ku bilaabaan inay wax yar daciifin laakiin si joogto ah u sameeyaan waraabinta ilaa ay dhirta ku soo laaban qabowsado. Samee ku celcelinina walaaca biyaha ah 4-6 todobaad.
Buruun by jarida 1-3-9. Trick The, joogteeyo hal stem ugu muhiimsan iyo jar geesaha si ay kaliya ilaa 80-100 cm sare. Intaa waxaa dheer, joogteeyo saddex laamood hoose iyo dhawr xabbadood oo kale oo laamaha hoose. Laamood Primary lampe
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 r si loo gaadho heer sare ah 30-50 9 kaliya cm.Pelihara laamaha iyo faraqyada ka sare ilaa uu gaaro height ah 30-50cm. Oo reer afford tersebutlah kori doono caleemaha cusub oo la socon doona muuqaalka kore ee ubaxa.
Sidoo kale, waxaan gaarsiin karaan macluumaad ku saabsan habka surefire tabulampot melebatkan orange dhanaan. Waxaan rajeyneynaa in macluumaadka aan ku siin waxtar leh. Ha iloowin in aad ilaaliso updated on macluumaadkii ugu dambeeyey iyo inta badan ka haysid iyo Beeraha ee Nature. tayada wanaagsan oo midho, sida isagoo size weyn oo, iyo dhadhamin more fudud. Dil Penjaranga; akukan midhaha waa wax weyn oo laakiin habka weli sii kordhaya, waa in aan lagu sameeyo on miro dhalinta yar in hoos u dhigi kartaa pruduksinya 0 inShare Related Posts:

SIDA LOO korinta Cucumber qajaar Habka iyo Beeraha - Cucumber waxa kale oo badanaa loo yaqaan qajaar ama meelaha yar oo waxaa badanaaba lagu magacaabaa by magaca qajaar. Faa'iidooyinka tanama ... Read More ...


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female parent and told her to call into the nest box.

female parent and told her to call into the nest box. If the parent males leave the nest box, the female parent will check kenyamananya, but he was rarely out of the nest box before the males actually build a nest. Ideally, birds should build its nest a few days after each other. Males usually the parent who started preparing the nest. After half of the collected nests, the mother will leave the nest and begin to resolve the nest.
SenangPoker.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya IndonesiaUsually, after 2 days to be completed and in progress nest the mother will rest. After about 4 days, the mother will begin to lay eggs. In one day he will spawn once. The number of eggs to be incubated until the Count 4 eggs 3. Even up amounting to 5 eggs. When the egg has reached number 3 eggs, the female parent is usually already begun incubation.

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NPK fertilizer was given a month

NPK fertilizer was given a month after planting the tubers or roots has been estimated to grow and develop properly, so that the applied fertilizer can be absorbed directly by the plant. Fertilizer dose of 200 kg / ha or 200g/m2. The nexPulau Tidungt NPK fertilizer made at intervals of 3 months. In addition, foliar fertilizer can also be sprayed in accordance with the recommended dosage at intervals of 2 weeks.
Spacing used was 30 cm between rows and 25 cm within rows. Before planting it first made the planting hole with a depth of about 5 cm, then the tuberose bulbs inserted into the hole and covered with soil.
Maintenance such as weeding and watering can be done once a month. While watering is done once a week. In the long dry season irrigation is done by fulfilling the channel between beds with water to the brim and left one night. The action is very useful to prevent insect infestation dompolan so as not to get to the tuberose bulbs.
This area is not a real tourist area. If you look more pronounced in rural areas usual, but for us can be used for recreation. When examined this area has become a center of tuberose flowers. Cut flowers for flower ornament series was formerly known Bandungan planted in the area of ​​Semarang. We were at that time still amounted to three people, because it is a new kid, having fun just stop at this Grabak area.
This flower has a name because it's Tuberose flowers are quite fragrant aroma issued and can be air freshener. Especially if you start the night, the scent of the flowers start smelling the fragrance with a more powerful perhaps as many flower bud
Pulau Pramukas that bloom ahead of this evening. This is the origin of this flower has a name Tuberose. Tuberose flowers durable enough to be kept in a vase or flower rangkaina. When tuberose cut flower stalks with flowers that will bloom in part been able to survive for 5-10 days.Landowner met in Grabag tuberose.
Landowner met in Grabag tuberose.

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The barrel Soetoro in Yogyakarta also a pebudidaya basil

The barrel Soetoro in Yogyakarta also a pebudidaya basil . In fact , its business covers upstream to downstream . That is , in the upstream he planted basil . Well then he can work on planting basil results into products such as basil oil . Obviously the resale value becomes higher than just selling leaf .
Fix the price of the barrel of oil 10 basil Rp 330,000 per milli -liter ( ml ) . It supplies the oil to the pharmaceutical industry , a spa , and cosmetics in
GudangPoker.com  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya Jakarta , Bogor and Bali . " Basil has anti- aging properties and reproduction , so be one of the ingredients to make drugs and cosmetics , " he explained . He has been cultivating basil since 1999 in an area of ​​1 hectare ( ha ) . Within a month , the barrel can be earned revenues of Rp 36 million .
Raising basil relatively easy and does not require a big expense . One important note , the location of cultivation should be in place that turn the temperature is not too extreme . For example , during hot daytime , while at night the weather became very cold .
Alex Eko Prihatmoko , basil origin Sidoarjo farmers say , basil can not be grown in areas where the weather is uncertain . " For example, continuous rain , the seed will not be so . Similarly, if the ongoing drought , "said Alex .
So , it takes place in a fairly stable weather . Regarding the height of the soil , plants can be grown in coastal land elevations up to 500 meters above sea level ( masl ) . For media cropping no specific criteria . In a sense , can be grown in any soil type . The first step hoe ground to taste , then put some seeds in the ground and watered .
The seeds can be stocked up. One cup can to clear an area of ​​10 meters ( m ) x 15 m . In order for maximum results , the hole that had been prepared was fertilized first dahulu.Setelah , seeded a new hole . " The good given manure , " said Alex . This fertilizer only once until the harvest . Basil leaves can be harvested at the age of 25 days after planting. After that the plants can be harvested once again leaves . If it is two months old , not great basil leaves to be harvested because it has an old and hard . Once harvested , the plant can produce two bunches of basil at a price of Rp 3,500 per bundle in the market .
If not interested in taking the seeds , the plants can be removed and replaced with new ones to get the leaves are young again . " If you want to get the seeds , plants can wait up to three months , " said Alex . The barrel Soetoro , pebudiday
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT a basil from Yogyakarta to admit , basil cultivation is very easy . " Basil including wild plants , pretty stocked , " said Laras.Laras only sow the seeds in the land made ​​checkered . One to one and a half months later basil can be harvested . "In addition , basil can be planted at any time , regardless of the weather , " he said .