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NPK fertilizer was given a month

NPK fertilizer was given a month after planting the tubers or roots has been estimated to grow and develop properly, so that the applied fertilizer can be absorbed directly by the plant. Fertilizer dose of 200 kg / ha or 200g/m2. The nexPulau Tidungt NPK fertilizer made at intervals of 3 months. In addition, foliar fertilizer can also be sprayed in accordance with the recommended dosage at intervals of 2 weeks.
Spacing used was 30 cm between rows and 25 cm within rows. Before planting it first made the planting hole with a depth of about 5 cm, then the tuberose bulbs inserted into the hole and covered with soil.
Maintenance such as weeding and watering can be done once a month. While watering is done once a week. In the long dry season irrigation is done by fulfilling the channel between beds with water to the brim and left one night. The action is very useful to prevent insect infestation dompolan so as not to get to the tuberose bulbs.
This area is not a real tourist area. If you look more pronounced in rural areas usual, but for us can be used for recreation. When examined this area has become a center of tuberose flowers. Cut flowers for flower ornament series was formerly known Bandungan planted in the area of ​​Semarang. We were at that time still amounted to three people, because it is a new kid, having fun just stop at this Grabak area.
This flower has a name because it's Tuberose flowers are quite fragrant aroma issued and can be air freshener. Especially if you start the night, the scent of the flowers start smelling the fragrance with a more powerful perhaps as many flower bud
Pulau Pramukas that bloom ahead of this evening. This is the origin of this flower has a name Tuberose. Tuberose flowers durable enough to be kept in a vase or flower rangkaina. When tuberose cut flower stalks with flowers that will bloom in part been able to survive for 5-10 days.Landowner met in Grabag tuberose.
Landowner met in Grabag tuberose.

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