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The method of cultivation which would be applied very supportive of the success of a business. Currently pearl oyster farming method that is
Obat pembesar Penis Vimaxwidely used is to use Keramba cage (KJA).: In the implementation of aquaculture facilities and infrastructure needed in order to expedite the implementation of the farming activities. These facilities are used in the enlargement of the KJA oysters are as follows:

1. Aquaculture facilities and infrastructure
a. Framework Raft
Framework / rafts serve to hang Spat maintenance medium / slugs oysters. The framework can raft made of bamboo, wood or metal pipe that had been painted anti rust. The selection of material for a raft frame is dependent on the availability of the location. The shape and size of the raft frame varies depending on the number of spat that will be maintained. A raft typically consists of four - eight holes.
b. Float
The buoy serves to float the entire aquaculture facilities, can be used buoys of material plastic drum, steel drum, or sterofoam. The size and number of buoys are used in accordance with the magnitude of the load and the buoyancy of the buoy, for example, a raft of bamboo size consisting of six pieces floating cages (3x3x3 m) required buoy plast
Jadwal Bolaic drum / steel drum volume of 200 liters total of 12 pieces. Buoy with a rope tied to a raft of polyethylene (PE) with diameters of 0.8-1.0 cm.
c. Spat collectors
Spat collectors are used to place the material spat stick, made of rope fibers PE (polyethylene), asbestos waves, or blades peralon pipe. If the collector material of fiber rope material or other materials in the form of fibers, it must use the place of steel frame / wire size 40-50 cm. The use of pipe peralon blades can be made by: peralon pipe with a length of 30-50 cm and a diameter of 2-3 inches menjadu cut in two, then the blades pipe with a rope tied round 40-50 cm.
d. Basket Maintenance
Maintenance of snails can do maintenance on baskets hanging on a floating raft. The materials used for the baskets are usually made of stainless wire or netting. Basket made of wire maintenance galvanizer parent, or even better if plastic coated or asphalt, so that durability can reach 2 to 2.5 years. Basket size 25 x 25 x 60 cm. The baskets can be filled snail maintenance size 6 -8 (DVM) as many as 15 tails.

Judi Bola OnlineAs for the nursery or maintenance Spat newly transferred from the hatchery can be used netting basket size 40 x 60 cm. Spat measuring 2-3 cm (DVM) maintained in a basket with a mesh width of 0.5 to 1 cm. Mesh width used should be tailored to the size of the spat, spat the larger the size the greater the mesh size, so that the water circulation can be maintained.

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