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The attack on the nutmeg fruit

The attack on the nutmeg fruit is ripe cause skin spotted yellow to dark brown-black. The leaves and the base of the infected leaves become dark blackish brown, fallen leaves, and eventually the tree becomes bare.
Obat pembesar Penis Vimax Control of fruit rot and leaf fall can be done by regulating the spacing width (rare), pruning diseased, and sanitsi garden.
4. Torn white
The cause of the disease is divided white fungus (mushroom) Coreneum sp. Symptoms of attack are there small patches of purple-brown on the outside of the fruit flesh between the ages of 5-8 months. These spots increase in size and turn black. Meat infected fruit becomes black. Meat infected fruit becomes split and then the fruit will fall before the old.
White split disease control can be done by making drainage (drainage) is good, sulfur fumigation under a tree with a dose of 100 grams of sulfur / tree, throw the fruits are attacked, and spraying fungicides.
5. Tableware Fruit Oil Efforts to combat the use of chemicals in the form of pesticides, among other fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, nematicides, acaricides, and others. How eradication is relatively quick and paraktis, but often cause side effects. For if the user is not careful could endanger human health or other organisms, can also disrupt the balance of nature.
But however prevention will always be better than eradication. Below will be described briefly some of the pests and diseases that often attack oil palm plantations, as well as several businesses and Prevention of eradication.

Jadwal BolaPalm Oil Plant Pests Nematodes Symptom New leaves will be rolled open and grow upright. Furthermore, the leaves change color to yellow and dry up. Decay occurs in bunches of flowers and not opened, so do not menghasilakn fruit.
Cause Nematodes Rhadinaphelenchus cocophilus. These pests attack the roots of the plant oil palm.
Eradication Infested trees poisoned denagn sodium arsenite. To eradicate the source of infection, after the plants die / dry dismantled and burned
Mite Symptom Attacked leaves change color from green to shiny bronze (bronz). Nursery or nurseries were damaged.
Cause Red mite (Oligonychus) whose length is 0.5 mm. Bone throughout her life as she leaves the child suck the fluid daun.Hama lead and thrive in dry weather conditions in the dry season.
Eradication Spraying with acaricides containing the active ingredient tetradifon 75.2 g / l. Examples of these acaricides is Tedion 75 EC are sprayed with a 0.1-0.2% concentration.
Pimelephia ghesquierei

Judi Bola OnlineSymptom The presence of a hole or space in the former movement of young leaf caterpillars of this pest. If there is wind blowing, leaves much broken.

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