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The barrel Soetoro in Yogyakarta also a pebudidaya basil

The barrel Soetoro in Yogyakarta also a pebudidaya basil . In fact , its business covers upstream to downstream . That is , in the upstream he planted basil . Well then he can work on planting basil results into products such as basil oil . Obviously the resale value becomes higher than just selling leaf .
Fix the price of the barrel of oil 10 basil Rp 330,000 per milli -liter ( ml ) . It supplies the oil to the pharmaceutical industry , a spa , and cosmetics in
GudangPoker.com  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya Jakarta , Bogor and Bali . " Basil has anti- aging properties and reproduction , so be one of the ingredients to make drugs and cosmetics , " he explained . He has been cultivating basil since 1999 in an area of ​​1 hectare ( ha ) . Within a month , the barrel can be earned revenues of Rp 36 million .
Raising basil relatively easy and does not require a big expense . One important note , the location of cultivation should be in place that turn the temperature is not too extreme . For example , during hot daytime , while at night the weather became very cold .
Alex Eko Prihatmoko , basil origin Sidoarjo farmers say , basil can not be grown in areas where the weather is uncertain . " For example, continuous rain , the seed will not be so . Similarly, if the ongoing drought , "said Alex .
So , it takes place in a fairly stable weather . Regarding the height of the soil , plants can be grown in coastal land elevations up to 500 meters above sea level ( masl ) . For media cropping no specific criteria . In a sense , can be grown in any soil type . The first step hoe ground to taste , then put some seeds in the ground and watered .
The seeds can be stocked up. One cup can to clear an area of ​​10 meters ( m ) x 15 m . In order for maximum results , the hole that had been prepared was fertilized first dahulu.Setelah , seeded a new hole . " The good given manure , " said Alex . This fertilizer only once until the harvest . Basil leaves can be harvested at the age of 25 days after planting. After that the plants can be harvested once again leaves . If it is two months old , not great basil leaves to be harvested because it has an old and hard . Once harvested , the plant can produce two bunches of basil at a price of Rp 3,500 per bundle in the market .
If not interested in taking the seeds , the plants can be removed and replaced with new ones to get the leaves are young again . " If you want to get the seeds , plants can wait up to three months , " said Alex . The barrel Soetoro , pebudiday
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT a basil from Yogyakarta to admit , basil cultivation is very easy . " Basil including wild plants , pretty stocked , " said Laras.Laras only sow the seeds in the land made ​​checkered . One to one and a half months later basil can be harvested . "In addition , basil can be planted at any time , regardless of the weather , " he said .

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