Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Ciri-Ciri SPG Nyambi Wanita Panggilan (PSK)

The Indonesia Motor Show 2013 is held again . The event is eagerly awaited each year automotive enthusiasts because it is always accompanied by the launch and test drive the latest cars from a manufacturer , and of course the new faces of the Sales Promotion Girl ( SPG ) that guaranteed kinyis - kinyis young , make a grimace as hold pee Pulau Pri Tours  .
SPG 's presence there is important judge , a judge on the contrary , is not at all important . Judge found that an important role of the SPG is necessary to explain everything about the products that are sold to prospective buyers . Why should SPG young , pretty and sexy are selected , it is simply related to the marketing strategy course , to do with the brand image that will be built .
Who believes is not important ( usually mothers and grandmothers ) more because they worry their husbands to buy products at the show , not because of love with the product ( car , motorcycle , home , etc. ) but because like SPGnya . It's no secret , some SPG offer plus - plus package , each purchase a car or home , love one night with prizes ( oh beautiful ... - Melinda ) .
That is why the accusation appears skewed toward professional sales promotion girl ( SPG ) that the majority of them being a woman nyambi call ( PSK ) at a premium rate , ranging in price of USD 3 pulau pari travel million - USD 25 million short time . SPG nyambi this , in addition to selling products dipameran , they also sell the ' product ' that can be exhibited in a hotel room or apartment .
Allegations to the SPG that they can be used ( certainly , it had a vagina , so can be used ) is also attested several times , many of them become official mistress or wealthy businessmen . Btw , many SPG also really worked hard for money , sweat and toil in the real sense to make ends meet .
If indeed there is nyambi SPG ? How do I differentiate SPG SPG nyambi with serious hard work ? It is very important that we all understand the difference well , do not let colleagues who have no intention of wanting to try SPG nyambi naughty , eh just teasing SPG serious . Wkwkwkwk
The following are characteristics of SPG ( points related to each other can not stand on their own ) that doubles as a woman call :
1 . If you request HP or BB PIN number , he will give easily , without any effort to politely refuse or reject pretending . Especially if your appearance when requesting mobile number and Pin B is very convincing , with car keys hanging in a pants pocket , the latest HP , clothes , belts , pulau pari wisata  shoes branded , and give a tip sheet of 100 USD to the SPG with a reason to buy credit .
2 . When you take her out to eat together , he does not mind . Especially if you are invited to eat at the famous and expensive restaurant in town , do not try to take her out at Mc Donald or KFC .
3 . If you ask him to accompany a work assignment out of town , he does not mind , especially if you are abroad and duties before asking already promised to give pocket money for spending while abroad, which is important not restricted spending a pin keychain or magnet for the fridge .
4 . If you ask her to sleep in a hotel room , he does not mind , especially if your hotel is a 3 star hotel and over, instead of rentals as there is lots of behind Jalan Malioboro Yogyakarta .
5 . When you make love ( ML ) he does not mind , and his habit of receiving money after sex , but she did not send an invoice bill . If not given the money , he will be asked orally. If after being asked , still not given the money , he will report to the police investasi mandiri online station claiming to have occurred rape .
That's partly SPG traits that also doubles as a woman calls , may be useful .