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How To Make A Good SEO Contest

How To Make A Good SEO ContestMany participants compete to get the highest ranking race / best in the SERP search engines like Google , Bing , Yandex , pulau pari dino or anything else that could be the end of the contest and the winner can take home a prize that has been promised the organizers for the winner .seoHow To Make A Good SEO ContestBeginner Blogger Tips SEO Tricks - In making an SEO contest should be made ​​with high dedication ( makes sense ) and not spurious , such as : Between gifts and balanced rules , vocabulary in the article contests , etc. .
Creating good SEO contest is very important for the development / lag contest that we make for the future , if the rules and gift no balance ( regulations are too heavy and does not fit gifts ) course participants create a contest that my friend would not be much .
Here I will give some tips to my friend who is planning to make an event SEO and still undecided how to make the right SEO joko blog contest , the following discussion :

# 1 - The Keyword In Perlombakan .
The selection of the right keywords must always pay attention , if you choose the wrong keywords , we could not get a positive result of a contest that has been created . The keywords should be competed in accordance topic blog / article that will be reviewed by an SEO contest participants , for example :

I created a contest seo and seo contest participant shall review on my anime blog . Then I choose keywords : Where to Download Anime Indonesian ? Aja Inasub for competition contest that I made .
In addition to the appropriate blog theme that will be reviewed , here I suggest that in determining the race keywords should create long tail keywords . The goal is to simplify and enrich the participants in competitive keywords your blog .
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# 2 - Time , Rules & Gifts .
Time is berkaitaan closely with the contest rules and prizes , of course it is not good if we make the SEO contest is a very long time and only gift pulse 5 thousand ALL Operator . From it should be noted once again , that makes my friend did not sell seo contest ( participants slightly ) is due to the lack of balance between time / rules and prizes pulau pari  .
Here I suggest a heavier gift ( in a rather large amount ) of the regulations that have been set in the event that my friend has been made ​​, because the average Indonesian society mercenary . For the rules , use the rules that are not too heavy or light that many who are interested to try the seo contest that my friend made.
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# 3 - Selection Vocabulary - Words In Pages SEO Contest .
By writing the SEO contest notifications buddy to create a new article , do not just copy and paste other articles seo contest . Make the SEO contest notifications article with vocabulary - words that indicate that mate charismatic , charismatic , and Indicates that the friend is not a scam SEO contest .
In article writing contest notifications buddy , should the word as much as possible not to be repeated , for example: event = SEO Contest SEO = SEO Contest . Use words that are different but have the same meaning pulau pari  .

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