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Opportunities Biznis HiGOAT with PT . Healthy Royal Marketing HR Marketing or more commonly known , is now a GOLDEN MOMENT because this business REALLY Gress in Indonesia . With products made ​​from fresh goat's milk from farms with environmentally friendly and guaranteed free from harmful chemicals and synthetic . The products have been tested and proven brilliance can be used by all levels of society Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online .

Opportunity is still very new , this time you can sign up to become a Member . currently we are preparing leaders - leaders who are ready to join in all of Indonesia .

HIGOAT products proved to be very good and has been booming in Malaysia . Web Support Biznis Higoat themselves have experience selling Goat Milk HiGOAT conventional starting in March 2010 , this product is sold in the market city of Pontianak and several cities in Sumatra , Kalimantan and Sulawesi . We are sure all of this product will be booming in Indonesia .

Product prices are very affordable and competitive , the price per box has been set at Rp . 176,000 , - for members and USD prices . 211 200 for consumer prices . 1 Box contains 20 sachets and 1 sachet weighs 21 grams
Among the several types of milk , goat 's milk is one of the many benefits of milk and usefulness to human health , goat milk has many advantages in comparison with cow's milk , is one reason for the lack of interest people drink goat's milk , is due to the assumption or MYTH , that goat 's milk carries a risk of " high blood " and its " hot " blog baru ku  .
Though goat milk actually serve to stabilize high blood pressure and improve heart function , Nutrient content of goat 's milk also can increase the growth of In Infants and children , increase intelligence , memory and sensitivity to children , help maintain balanced metabolism , supports the growth of bones and teeth , and helps the formation of blood cells and tissues .
Grains smaller fat goat milk than cow milk so easily absorbed by the human body , the reason could drink milk HIGOAT Babies over six months of age , the Elderly , and good for people with Inflammatory bowel disease .
1.Mempunyai natural antiseptic properties and can help reduce the breeding of bacteria in the body , This is due to the presence of Fluorine 10-100 times greater than in cow's milk .
2.Bersifat bases ( alkaline food ) making it suitable for those who have problems stomach and digestion , goat milk can neutralize stomach acid levels are high .
3.Proteinnya laktasenya soft and light effects , sihingga not cause diarrhea .
4.Lemaknya easily digested because it has a soft and smooth texture is smaller than the granules in the fat of cow's milk or other milk , and is also a natural homogeneous , it is easier to digest thereby suppressing allergic reactions .
5.If stored in a cool place , do not alter the quality and usefulness
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