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Panduan lengkap budidaya ikan lele

Catfish farmers are in great demand because of the growing market. The government is also aggressively providing support through superior paket pulau pari research and campaign seeds catfish eat fish movement. So that the emerging centers of catfish farming in some areas.

For maximum benefit, catfish farming should not be done in a side or just subsistence activities. Catfish can live in a high stocking density and feeding ratio versus growth good flesh. Therefore, catfish farming will provide more benefits if carried out intensively.

There are two segments of catfish farming, namely segments and segments hatchery augmentation. On this occasion we will discuss enlargement catfish farming segment. Here we describe the stages of preparation.
Preparation of ponds where catfish farming

There are various types of pools that can be used as a catfish. To decide what is the appropriate pool, please consider environmental conditions and the availability of skilled labor. Then, match the financial resources we have. It should be noted that each type has advantages and disadvantages to an individual when viewed in terms of cultivation.

These types of ponds are commonly used in catfish farming is ground pools, pool cement pool tarp, cages and cages. However, in this article we only discuss ground pool, considering the type of pond is most widely used by fish farmers.
a. Soil drying and processing
wisata agent pulau pari Before catfish seed sown, the pool must be drained without first. Pegeringan long range 3-7 days or depends on the heat of the sun. As a rule of thumb, if the ground was cracked, the pool can be considered dry enough. Drying an aim to break the evil presence of microorganisms that cause seedling diseases. Microorganisms can be developing States from the remnants of the previous period catfish. By draining and drying, most of the pathogenic microorganisms will die.

After drying, the surface of the plowed soil with a hoe or reversed. Tillage is needed to improve soil friability and dispose of toxic gases that accumulate in the soil. In addition to scarify, doing appointment fetid black mud layer is usually found at the bottom of the pool. Because the black mud storing toxic gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. The gases that are formed from a pile of leftover food are not discharged in the period prior catfish.
b. Liming and fertilization

Liming is used to balance the acidity of the pond and help eradicate pathogenic microorganisms. The type of lime used is calcium oxide or dolomite. Liming is done by stocked evenly over the surface of the pond. Once littered with lime, turning the soil with a hoe so chalk seep inside. Doses required for liming the pond is 250-750 grams per square meter, or depending on soil acidity. The more acidic the soil the more lime is needed.

The next step is fertilization. Fertilizer using organic fertilizer blend plus urea and TSP. Types of organic fertilizer or manure can be composted manure, the dose as much as 250-500 grams per square meter. While the dose of chemical fertilizer is urea 15 grams per square meter and TSP 10 grams per square meter. Fertilizing the pond aim to provide nutrients for organisms such as phytoplankton and worms. Biota is useful for natural foods catfish.
c. Water management pond

The ideal water level for catfish farming is 100-120 cm. Filling pulau pari wisata  the pool should be done gradually. Once the fertilized pond, fill it with water to the extent of 30-40 cm. At the height of the sun can still penetrate to the bottom of the pool and allow the bottom of the pond biota such as phytoplankton grow well. Pond was overgrown with water will greenish phytoplankton. After one week, the new seeds are ready stocked catfish. Furthermore, the pool water plus periodically in accordance with the growth of channel catfish to the ideal height.

Catfish guide
Catfish seed selection

The success rate of catfish farming is largely determined by the quality of the seeds are stocked. Seeds to be used in catfish farming ought of improved seed types. There are several types of catfish commonly cultivated in Indonesia. Please read more about the types of catfish farming. In this article we recommend the types of catfish Sangkuriang developed BBPBAT Sukabumi. The reason, catfish sangkuriang improvement is the result of African catfish. Where the quality of African catfish that is currently circulating in the community has declined over time. To learn more about catfish sangkuriang please read the origin of catfish sangkuriang.

Catfish seed may be obtained by way of purchase or did catfish hatchery itself. To make their own seeding please read how hatchery fish spawning catfish and catfish techniques. The most important thing is the use of improved seed should be a good seed and healthy.
a. Terms of improved seed

The seed should be stocked seed completely healthy. Poor quality seed can not produce the maximum and susceptible to disease. The characteristics of healthy seeds agile movements, there are no defects or lesions on the surface of the body, free from germs and normal swimming movements. To test the swimming motion, try to place the fish in the water flow, if the fish are challenging the direction of water flow means normal swimming movements.

Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online Seed size for catfish should have a length of about 5-7 cm. Keep the average size of fish that can grow and evolve in unison. From the seed of it, within a period of 2.5-3.5 months maintenance will get the size of catfish consumption by 9-12 individuals per kilogram.

b. How to sow seeds

Before the seed stocked, climate make the necessary adjustments to the seed. The trick, the new seed input comes with a container (bucket / jerry) into the pool. Let stand for 15 minutes to allow the adjustment of the temperature of the seed with the temperature of the pool as its new environment. Tilt the container and let the seeds out by itself. This method is useful to prevent stress on the seed.

Sprinkle seeds catfish into the pond at a density of 200-400 individuals per square meter. The better the quality of the pool water, the higher the number of seeds that can be accommodated. Water level should not be more than 40 cm when the seed stocked. This is to keep the fish seed can reach the water surface to take food or breathing. Charging an adjusted subsequent to the body size of fish until the water reaches the ideal height peluang usaha

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