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How to Maintain Plant Durian - Raising Farmers

How to Maintain Plant Durian - Raising Farmers . Usually durian plant maintenance is done by thinning and replanting , weeding , perempelan , fertilizing , etc. . Here is How to Maintain Durian Plant in full .
1 ) Spacing & StitchingAims to overcome or prevent paket pernikahan murah thinning fruit durian death lest spend energy to conditioning fertilization . Spacing effect on survival , the taste of fruit , fruit size and frequency of fertilization each year .Thinning is done simultaneously with the process of flower abortion , so autumn flowers finish , thinning should be done the next day (no delay ) .Spacing interchangeable spraying is done with certain hormones ( Auxin A ) , at the time of flower or fruit will be a month old . At that time most of the interest is already open and has been fertilized . When hormones sprayed , fertilized flowers which will remain continue conception while that have not been fertilized flowers will die with itself . Number of durian fruit which thinned ± 50-60 % of the whole fruit imaginable .2 ) WeedingTo avoid competition between plants and grasses surrounding during growth , weeding needs to be done ( diameter 1 m from the tree durian ) .How to Maintain Plant DurianHow to Maintain Plant DurianHow to Maintain Plant Durian3 ) Trimming / Perempelana) The roots of durianCutting the roots will inhibit the vegetative growth of the plants and 40 % for ± 1 season . During that morbidly plants trimmed . Pruning the roots apart to make into a fast fruiting plants also improve fruit quality , attractive , fruit harder and more durable . Root pruning is best time when plants start flowering later than 2 weeks after flowering . If you do cross the line , reduced yields and stunted growth . How cutting : both sides of the row of sliced ​​durian as far as deep as paket pernikahan murah  60-90 cm and 1.5-2 meters from the base of the stem .b ) RejuvenationPlants that are old and less productive needs to be rejuvenated . Durian ill be dismantled down to its roots , but quite done trimming . Trimmings wound sloped so that rainwater morbidly tertahan.Untuk prevent stem infection , scars are interchangeable smeared or plastered marry paraffin wax . After 2-3 weeks done trimming ( in rainy season ) then the stem will grow new shoots . Once the new shoots reach 2 months , the shoots grafted interchangeable . How grafting a branch together with grafting young trees ( seedlings ) . High grafting of soil ± 1 - 1,5 m or 2 to 2.5 m depending on the main stem cutting . Cutting the main stem bounds too close with the ground .c ) Establishment of an old plant that alreadyThe branches that will be created unnecessarily dililiti wire , but quite dibanduli or withdrawn and forced down so morbidly plant growth pointing upwards . Branches that will be formed in order kalep wrapped with the morbidly injured limb . Wrap kalep was given a rope , then pulled and fastened with pegs . thereby , upright branches that had grown up going to grow down horizontally aligned .4 ) FertilizationBefore fertilization we have to look at the state of the soil , the plants will need fertilizer and nutrients that are contained in the soil .a) How to cultivateIn the early stages of plant make encircling ditch . Midline gutter width is adjusted with the tree canopy . The depth of the ditch made ​​20-30 cm . Spade aside land at the edges . After the fertilizer is spread evenly into a ditch , the soil was returned For closing the gutter . After the re-leveled ground , when the soil is dry immediately do the watering .b) the type and dose of fertilizerType of fertilizer that is used for foster durian manure , compost , green manure and artificial fertilizer . That proper fertilization makes plants grow fast interchangeable . After three months planted , durian require supplementary fertilizer NPK ( 15:15:15 ) 200 gr perpohon . jasa desain website murah Furthermore , follow-up with NPK fertilization was performed routinely every four months to three years old plants . Once a year the plants fertilized with organic manure compost / manure 60-100 kg per tree in the dry season . Fertilization is done visually . dig a hole around the stem below the crown under the outer canopy of the plant . That durian = 3 -year -old typically started forming trunk and canopy . After that , every year durian requires an additional 20-25 % of the previous dose of NPK . If in year 3 , durian given 500 grams of NPK fertilizer per tree then in the 4th dose to 600-625 grams of NPK per tree . Needs manure also increased , ranging between 120-200 kg / tree durian flowering ahead require NPK 10:30:10 . This fertilizer when the plants are sown completed form new shoots ( before the plants will bloom ) .5 ) Irrigation & WateringDurian requires a lot of water to grow , but the off-the- land flooded for too long or get too wet . New- planted durian seedlings need watering once a day , especially if the seeds are planted in the dry season . After a one -month -old plants , water plants interchangeable reduced by about three times a week . Durian which dikebunkan wide scale with the absolute need of the availability of enough water . In irrigation water drainage channels need to be made to avoid water flooded the plant beds .6 ) Time Pesticide SprayingTo get good growth of plant seeds that , once every 2 weeks the seedlings were sprayed with growth regulators Atonik dose of 1 cc / liter of water and coupled with Metallic with a dose of 0.5 cc / liter of water . This is done to stimulate plant growth to make it more perfect . Type of insecticide use is Basudin who sprayed according to the rules specified and useful for the prevention of insect . For quite melaburi stem fungi with fungicides ( eg Dithane or Antracol ) to be healthy . pembuatan toko online murah  It's better if at the time of planting , durian stem dilaburi by the fungicide .7 ) Other MaintenanceProvision of plant growth regulators ( PGR ) function affects the tissues in various organs of the plant . This substance is completely ill provide additional nutrient elements in plants . PGR collapsible make the plants become weak so that the consumer should be adjusted with the use instructions on the label that 's on your packaging , because the use of PGR 's just mixed it.

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