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Tags in Category Technology in Livestock Catfish

Tags in Category Technology in Livestock Catfish :::: We sell catfish broodstock Sangkuriang and Seed / Seed catfish Sangkuriang :::> MORE INFO CLICK HERE <::::
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ass. Maz.saya want Usha trnak catfish. I use an sdah bwt tarp size 5 x 2 m. I skitar water content of 40 cm. I've been stocking seed size 3.7. Already skitar 1 week there is not the dead. Tp SKG why every hr byak who mati.airnya jg sometimes I change my fish separuh.trus jg byk yg n brdiri nggantung some kembung2 stomach. Because what it disebabkn ya.trus obtinya use what. Trims.

July 12, 2011


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Regards Kang Dodik :)

How many seeds are spread kang? akang fish exposed to intestinal inflammation (power poles) and acid stomach (bloating), such conditions usually caused by bacteria and pH of water is not good, try measuring the pH of water, do not just drain half the water, pond water should also be a solution that could improve water ph or soak papaya leaf midrib, to aid in fish lelen, we usually mix the food with garlic powder or other obat2an, if the fish had terminal can not be cured, at least not usually useful to help the other catfish that have not been infected or not too severe, may be useful, successful greeting ...

July 12, 2011


3000 fish stocking that my tail. I love papaya tp
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT  prnah daunya mlah eaten. To reply baek pepayanya leaves and smpai BRP BRP lmbar day. Then I bought kmrin good boster.itu ngak brand drug gang?? Mine mixed feed, fish tp so do not even want to eat.

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