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Sago (Metroxylon sp.) Presumably originated

Sago (Metroxylon sp.) Presumably originated from Maluku and Irian. In the eastern part of Indonesia, sago has long used as a staple food by the majority of the population, especially in Maluku and Irian Jaya. JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Sago from Metroxylon genus, broadly classified into two, namely: the flowering or fruiting twice (Pleonanthic) and flowering or fruiting once (Hapaxanthic) which has an important economic value, because it contains more carbohydrates. This group consists of five important varieties are: a). Metroxylon sagus, Rottbol or sago Molat; b). Metroxylon rumphii, Martius or sago Tuni; c). Metroxylon rumphii, Sylvestre varieties Martius Martius or sago ihur; d). Metroxylon rumphii, Martius Martius or sago varieties Longispinum Makanaru; e). Metroxylon rumphii, Martius Martius or sago varieties Microcanthum Rattan

Propagation of the sago palm are: Provision of quality seeds in sago cultivation is an important factor that played a role in determining the quality of crop yields sago. The use of good seed and became one of superior quality guarantee of obtaining the maximum yield. Provision of seeds to plant sago cultivation can be done in several ways, either generative or vegetative. Each method has advantages and applicability of each tailored to the needs and the most appropriate conditions and allows for a try in each location. Here is a guide we will discuss about some of the methods of breeding / nursery provision in sago cultivation.

Seedlings either generative or vegetative having respective requirements, namely:

Terms of seeds for nursery generative ways:

     seeds used are old, not a physical disability, the average magnitude and sprout.

Terms of seed to seedling vegetative means:

     derived from shoots or pups aged less than 1 year, with a diameter of 10-13 cm and a weight of 2-3 kg.
     High pups less than 1 meter and have 3-4 leaf pieces. Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia


Once we know the requirements for the provision of each method, we step into the next stage of the preparation of sago seeds or plant seedlings, the steps are as follows:

How generative

     Seeds were taken from fruits that are old and falling / loss of a good mother plant, which is fertile and high production, grown on land that is fair as well as the production of clones of average height.
     Seeds / fruits are taken fruit physical disabilities, the magnitude of the average, and pithy.

How vegetative

Vegetative propagation can be done by using a seed tiller attached to the parent stem called dangkel or abut (not derived from stolons). As for how procurement dangkel are:

     Intake of selected dangkel located on the top surface.
     Cutting is done on the left side and right side 30 cm deep, without throwing the root fibers.
     Dangkel that have been cut, cleaned of leaves and placed i
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