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Helopeltis antonii

Adult insects such as mosquitoes , attacks the tea leaves and young twigs . Part of being attacked mottled dark brown and dry. Attacks on twigs branches
SenangPoker.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia can cause cancer . Control : plucking the stringed 7 day cycle , balanced fertilization , sanitation , mechanical , and Tenodera Hierodula predators , nthio 330 EC Insecticide , Carbavin 85 WP , Mitac 200 EC .

Caterpillars inch ( Hyposidra talaca , Ectropis bhurmitra , peppered suppressaria )
Caterpillars are black or brown and white striped , attack young leaves , shoots and leaves of old , can attack in the garden or nursery . The leaves are attacked toothed / perforated . Control : clean up litter and weeds , balanced fertilization and insecticide Lannate 35 WP , Lannate L.

Leaf roller caterpillars ( Homona aoffearia )
1-2.5 cm sized caterpillars attacked young and old tea leaves . Leaves rolled and folded . Control : mechanical way , removing biological enemies such as Macrocentrus homonae , Elasmus homonae , insecticide Ripcord 5 EC .

Caterpillar roller shoots ( Cydia leucostoma )
Caterpillars measuring 2-3 cm were inside the roll tea shoots . Control : mechanical way , by removing the biological natural enemies and insecticide Bayrusil Apanteles 250 EC , Dicarbam 85 S , Sevin 85s .

Caterpillars fire ( Setora Nitens , Parasa lepida , Thosea )
Hairy caterpillars attacked young and old leaves , the plants become perforated . Control : mechanical means , biodiversity by removing parasites and insecticide Ripcord 5 EC and Lannate L.

Mites orange ( Brevipalpus phoenicis )

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Measuring 0.2 mm orange , attacking an old tea leaves at the bottom surface . There is a small spot at the base of the leaves , the mites form colonies at the base of the leaf , then attack towards the end of the leaves , the leaves dry up and fall off . Control : ( 1 ) mechanical means , weed control , balanced fertilization , predator Amblyseius , ( 2 ) insektisda Dicofan 460 EC , Gusadrin 150 WSC , Kelthane EC 200 , EC 570 ommittee .disease

Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Weaver ants do not collect the feed in the nest

Weaver ants do not collect the feed in the nest , but getting flushed liquid feed by way of sweet - fleas or flea larvae butterfly ( Lycaenid ) membagikanya Dunia Online Then the larvae in the nest . Familiar with weaver ants in the colony and nest - sarngnya regular , which sometimes consist of thousands of ants per colony . The types of ants are divided into a soldier ant worker ants , ant males , and the queen ant .
One colony can master and use a large area to support their activities . Ant colonies are sometimes called ( Superorganisme ) Because of their colonies that form a unity . Cultivation by starting Kroto , among others, all you have to do is as follows.
The first prepares Mental , mental Preparing Kroto will affect the breeding process with regard to succeed later in life , after Broadly speaking, mental and mindset to start doing things like the following below .
1 . Preparations place / tangkar cattle pens .2 . Preparing equipment .3 . Hunting weaver ants .4 . Quarantine .5 . Transfer to the cage tangkar .6 . Maintenance .7 . Enjoying the results .
1 . Preparations place .
Prepare a place for raising Kroto , menangkarkan weaver ants actually not so difficult , but you need to remember , There are some things you should avoid like the following below .
A. Do not be exposed to sunlight Constantly , In this case if the roof needs in Wilderness .
B. Keep the shade , Clean and media are not in
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAdirect contact with the furniture , and the other his .
C. Try to place the media rack tangkar cattle more than one ( Do not use a rack in the colony for many pengambilanya many different places , ( To minimize fighting fellow ants ) .

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Leaf rust disease caused by Hemileia vastatrix , preventive spray Natural GLIO

  Leaf rust disease caused by Hemileia vastatrix , preventive spray Natural GLIO .
The disease is caused by a fungus Upas Corticium salmonicolor : Reduce humidity , scrape and apply preventive stem / twig with Natural GLIO + POC NASA .
Black root disease causes Rosellina bunodes and R. arcuata . Marked with yellow leaves , wilting
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014  , hang and fall . Natural preventive GLIO .
Brown root disease causes : Fomes lamaoensis or preventive lamaoensis Natural Phellinus GLIO .
Brown spot disease on leaves by Cercospora cafeicola Berk et Cooke prevention with Natural GLIO .
Dead ends at ranting.Penyebabnya disease Rhizoctonia . Preventive use Natural GLIO .
Coffee will produce from the age of 2.5 years if cared for properly and fruits have shown that red color covering most of the plants , and do gradually over the period of fruit maturity .
PROCESSING OF COFFEETo be prepared ahead of time drying , peeling skin , and also storage of crops being damaged due to post-harvest pests . Fruit crops must be processed immediately after picking up to 20 hours to get a good result . so read also how Cultivation Cocoa / Brown


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In Indonesia, some regions have their own terms to refer to this plant

In Indonesia, some regions have their own terms to refer to this plant. For example jengkol or erring people use Java, Sulawesi lubi terms of people, not gained to the Minangkabau region, Lampung and nets for joring or Jering for Batak area.
For Indonesian people, jengkol tree seeds can also be
Pusat SEO Asahan processed into a variety of foods. For example used as chips, stews or type of snack lain.Dalam book "History of Yogyakarta Palace" printed in 2009, the authors cite the book chronicle Sabdacarakatama Ki "Giyanti" Yosodipuro posts. He mentions, erring or jengkol tree was once used as a forerunner of candidate markers of Yogyakarta by the lane I, after Giyanti agreement.
However, food from seed jengkol or erring it less popular for the Java community. Jengkol more popular among people in Batavia, Pasundan and Sumatra. For those people tend to be regarded as the Sumatra jengkol murahan.Penyebabnya food, seeds jengkol can cause odor on the breath and the rest of the digestive tract. Jengkol eaters often become victims of teasing from her. But uniquely, still many people who eat jengkol.
In Sumatra, jengkol trees growing on the slopes of Bukit Barisan mountain range, yards and fields population. People unfamiliar Sumatra jengkol raising crops. They generally obtain raw jengkol seeds of wild plants in the forest or unintentionally growing in the fields.
So also in Jakarta. It is said that many Betawi people who planted the trees in the courtyards. For example, in the area of ​​Pondok Gede and Crocodile Hole. Now the two areas that are famous for stews jengkolnya, which is touted as the typical food of the Betawi.
So far there is no official record since when Jengkol known in the Indonesian population. Jengkol seems to have existed throughout the ages of human civilization in the archipelago. As said Jakarta Historian JJ Rizal, jengkol known not only in Jakarta, but also in other parts of Indonesia.
"There is no official record. But jengkol seems synonymous with the food of the poor, people of the periphery. The food is not bad it smells, is considered junk food. In
Konsultan SEO Blitar the past the city might not be too concerned, but now it looks like a lot of love, "he explained.
According to a British botanist, Isaac Henry Burkill (1935) through a book titled record; dictionnary of the economic products of the Malay peninsula, besides jengkol used as a side dish, is also used to cure diarrhea in the medical world, hair shampooing materials, and materials enhancer carbohydrates.