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Weaver ants do not collect the feed in the nest

Weaver ants do not collect the feed in the nest , but getting flushed liquid feed by way of sweet - fleas or flea larvae butterfly ( Lycaenid ) membagikanya Dunia Online Then the larvae in the nest . Familiar with weaver ants in the colony and nest - sarngnya regular , which sometimes consist of thousands of ants per colony . The types of ants are divided into a soldier ant worker ants , ant males , and the queen ant .
One colony can master and use a large area to support their activities . Ant colonies are sometimes called ( Superorganisme ) Because of their colonies that form a unity . Cultivation by starting Kroto , among others, all you have to do is as follows.
The first prepares Mental , mental Preparing Kroto will affect the breeding process with regard to succeed later in life , after Broadly speaking, mental and mindset to start doing things like the following below .
1 . Preparations place / tangkar cattle pens .2 . Preparing equipment .3 . Hunting weaver ants .4 . Quarantine .5 . Transfer to the cage tangkar .6 . Maintenance .7 . Enjoying the results .
1 . Preparations place .
Prepare a place for raising Kroto , menangkarkan weaver ants actually not so difficult , but you need to remember , There are some things you should avoid like the following below .
A. Do not be exposed to sunlight Constantly , In this case if the roof needs in Wilderness .
B. Keep the shade , Clean and media are not in
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAdirect contact with the furniture , and the other his .
C. Try to place the media rack tangkar cattle more than one ( Do not use a rack in the colony for many pengambilanya many different places , ( To minimize fighting fellow ants ) .

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