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Gray mold (Botrytis cinerea)

 Gray mold (Botrytis cinerea)
Symptoms: part fruit brown rot and then dried up.
Control: with fungicide Benlate or Grosid 50 SD.
Ripe fruit rot (Colletotrichum fragariae Brooks)
Symptoms: even cooking becomes kebasah-basahan brown and fruit filled with pink spore masses.
Control: copper fungicidal active ingredients such as Kocide U.S. 80, Funguran 82 WP, Cupravit OB 21.
Rizopus rot (Rhizopus stolonifer).
rotten fruit, watery, light brown and when pressed will release turbid fluid;
in storage, the fruit will be infected with fungal mycelium covered in white & black spores.
Control: throw fruit sick, that kind of post-harvest and cultivation with plastic mulch.
Red core (Phytophthora fragariae Hickman)
Symptoms: The fungus attacks the roots so the plants grow stunted, leaves morbidly fresh, wilted sometimes especially during the
Powdery mildew (Uncinula necator or mascularis Sphaetotheca).
Symptoms: part and attacked, especially the leaves, covered in a thin layer of powdery white, flowers will dry up and fall.
Control: with fungicide Benlate or Rubigan 120 EC.
Leaf-footed (Diplocarpon earliana or Marssonina fragariae)
Symptoms: Leaves mottled ovoid to angular spasmodic, deep purple.
Chemical control with fungicides Dithane M-45 or Antracol 70 WP.
Leaf spot
Ramularia tulasnii or Mycosphaerella fragariae,
Symptoms: small dark purple spots on the leaves. Center brown spots that will turn white;
Pestalotiopsis disseminated,
Symptoms: round spots on the leaves. Center Fua brown spots surrounded the edges reddish brown or yellowish, leaves easily fall;
Rhizoctonia solani,
Symptoms: major black-brown spots on the leaves.
Chemical control with copper fungicide active ingredients such as Funguran 82 WP, 77 WP or Cupravit Kocide OB 21.
Late blight (Phomopsis obscurans).
Symptoms: stain bullae surrounded gray purple red color, then stains form a wound like the letter V.
Control: with Dithane M-45, Antracol or Daconil 70 WP 75 WP.
Vertisillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae)
Symptoms: leaf infected with yellowish to brown, wilted and dead plants.
Control: through gas fumigation with Basamid-G.
Transmitted by aphids or mites insects.
Symptoms: leaf color changes from green to yellow (khlorosis) along the veins or spots (motle), the leaves become wrinkled, stiff, dwarf plants.
Control: use of virus-free seed, destroying infected plants, spraying pesticides to control insects For carriers of the virus. Prevention of pest & diseases generally can do with maintaining the cleanliness garden / plants, plant simultaneously (to break the life cycle), which grow healthy seedlings, provide fertilizer as recommended so that the plants grow healthy, do not crop with crop rotation and prune the family Rosaceae plant / revoke sick plants. Cultivate strawberries with plastic mulch will also suppress the growth of pests / diseases. Special For diseases, improvement of drainage usually can reduce attacks.
8. HARVEST STRAWBERRIES Plant origin stolons and tillers began berbung when

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aged 2 months after planting. The first interest should be discarded. After a 4-month-old plants, flowers allowed to grow into fruit. Flowering period and fertilization can take place for 2 years without stopping. 8.1. Characteristics & Harvest

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