Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

Just like men

Just like men , most women in the world sometimes considers sex activity ( ML ) has an important role in his life .
As the perfect

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woman would want to be treated during sex . Well, here it is important to know the sexual secrets for women .

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expression of feelings
For the women loving words are very important . Men should be able to tell his wife how much he loved her mentally intimate moments .
Worried about appearances
Naturally, when women want to attract a partner while undressing in front of her partner . But the anxiety often hit , for fear of not satisfying .
For the men have to say honestly , appreciate and praise what is considered attractive .
There is separate from the living
Women need good feelings and fun experience for satisfactory sexual intercourse . Less attention , vulgarism and criticism will be difficult to make a woman excited in sexual intercourse .
Orgasm is not a necessity
Many men consider a good pair can take her to a sexual peak . But for many women prefer to engage in foreplay .
Sex does not need serious action
Many men are too serious during intercourse .

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Whereas women prefer romantic action naughty , have fun and laugh . Light-heartedness can make intimate moments enjoyable and relaxing .

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