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AntungHeart disease is still the No. 1 killer in Indonesia even in the world . Why did it happen ? The reason is that many people with Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia  heart disease who ignore gejela symptoms of heart disease . This is understandable considering not many people who know what traits and symptoms of a heart attack . But of course such a thing should not be allowed .
Heart AttackWell , here are some information related to heart disease symptoms and signs of someone having a heart attack . Listen carefully!
A. Symptoms of Heart Disease
The following symptoms gejal heart disease that is often overlooked , as reported by detikhelath :
1 . Fatigue often
If you often feel tired even though not doing strenuous activity , immediately consult a personal physician . This could be an indication of heart problems . Fatigue is also often perceived waking.
2 . often Sweating
Generally, a person sweats after exercise or during hot weather . But if you sweat easily , despite not doing anything , it's likely a problem with your heart .
3 . Excessive nausea
Symptoms of heart problems begins with swelling in the abdomen . This causes the patient to lose appetite and feel nauseous excess .
4 . Feeling Anxious and Tense
Many believe , heart attacks led to the trauma . As a result , those who have had heart attacks more often experience stress , fear , or anxiety about death . It is associated with psychological anxiety and stress which causes more frequent attacks .
5 . Pain in the body
The pain became stronger sign of heart disease . In men , the pain felt in the left arm , while women experienced pain in both arms . The pain comes and goes is also felt in the shoulders , elbows back , and neck . Pain at some point part of the body is caused due to clogged arteries .
6 . Pain in the chest
This is a common symptom of a heart problem . Women are more likely to feel pain in the chest due to blockage of the arteries that causes the flow of blood throughout the body is not smooth . This condition can also cause numbness and weakness of the body .
7 . headacheThose who have heart problems , will Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya experience headaches when exposed to light . This effect on heart rate , whether it beat more slowly or more quickly .
Especially in women who experience frequent migraine or visual disturbances , at least two times a month , need to be vigilant . This could be a symptom of cardiac disease progression . According to a study published by the American Academy of Neurology . According to researchers , this occurs because the blood circulation irregularities that cause severe headaches .
8 . Irregular heartbeat
If you experience irregular heartbeat , this should be wary because it can be fatal . Irregular heartbeat generally occurs due to thickening of the muscle of the heart valves . This leads to the narrowing of the valve , causing a leak .
9 . shortness of breath
Shortness of breath due to thickening of blood vessels which inhibits the supply of blood throughout the body . It also resulted in an irregular heartbeat , liver disorders or infections , thickening of the heart muscle , and abnormalities of the heart valves .
10 . Leg swelling and Abdominal
Swelling occurs when fluid accumulates in the body . Generally occurs at the ankle and abdomen . These symptoms are a sign that the heart is experiencing disabilities and abnormalities of the heart valves .
B. Symptoms of Heart Attack
After the first chapter of what we recognize as the symptoms of heart disease , which means there is damage to cardiac function , this time we will provide information about heart attack symptoms to look out for .
In men , symptoms of heart can be seen from serious sexual dysfunction and baldness . Cholesterol and excess fat in the body as a triggering factor associated heart problems . For that , you need to know and be aware of heart attack symptoms appear suddenly :
1 . Sudden pain in the chest behind the breastbone or as chest tightness .
2 . Chest pain can be repeated a few minutes
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3 . The pain can be in the form of pressure on the chest , and neck as if to choke to cause a cold sweat .
4 . Suddenly collapsed , but could re- conscious . This happens because there is a heart rhythm disorder .
Well , if you experience symptoms such as above , immediately take the patient to the hospital . If left in place would be fatal .

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