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Pest and Disease Control Strategies At Tomato Cultivation

Pest and Disease Control Strategies At Tomato Cultivation Ground control caterpillar pests and nematodes performed simultaneously just once giving insecticide, ie 1gram per planting hole. Pest control armyworms, fruit caterpillars, aphids, whitefly, fruit flies and disease using pesticides should be alternate or replacement of the active ingredients listed above each spraying (do not use the same active ingredient respectively).
HARVEST Tomato determinite types can be harvested at the age of 65 dap and 75 dap type of indeterminate age. 25% ripe fruit ready to be harvested. Phase Planting The next stage in tips on how to grow good tomatoes is planting. Perform this step by taking the seed that has been planted complete with roots and soil and then planted in the media. Keep that in order to plant tomato plants do not easily collapse. After planting, tomato flush using water that has been mixed with urea fertilizer. You do not need to mix too much fertilizer. Enough with the half liter of water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of urea for each crop. At the time of planting make sure the tomato plants are rarely given a wide enough so that they grow up. Jarank suggested is 30x30cm. For planted in polybags you need not worry about the distance. Simply adjust it according to the size of the plant
ituBola.com JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA. For the first few weeks of planting tomatoes should be avoided from direct sunlight, especially during the day. Stage Treatment There are 6 important part of this phase, namely:

Watering: preferably done 2x a day during the growing media or look dry. Do not make too many sprinklers because if there is stagnant water will cause disease.
Fertilization: give enough NPK fertilizer 1 tbsp planted in the ground at a distance of approximately 10cm from the stem of the plant. Fertilizer application is done once every 2 weeks. Note down tomato plants need more P than of N elements, so adjust fertilizer you use.

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Choosing clothes for people of color and the white

Choosing clothes for people of color and the white -skinned people tan definitely different . In order to match the skin color of the clothes you wear , the following tips on how to choose clothes according to your skin color :
Afatogel.com Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya1 . WhiteSkin color is appropriate wearing any color , but more elegant look when wearing clothes soft colors like pastels . The colors will make you look seductive and more relaxed .
2 . Yellow skinIf you have olive skin , is more appropriate if you wear tropical colors like orange , green , red , yellow and blue .
3 . Brown skinFeel free to choose the color purple , or maroon Tosca make it look more attractive . For those of you who skinned brownish color combination of light and dark will look luxurious . Other colors that you can choose is pink , burgundy , beige , navy . Avoid colors olive , red , and dark brown .
4 . dark skinExotic skin colored clothing should be wrapped
Eyangtogel.com Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia with soft soil . Avoid using clothes that are too contrasting color to the skin .

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Preparation of Growing Media , a growing place in supporting the growth of plant roots to absorb the nutrients in the form of food through its roots . Planting medium should be ready no later than two weeks before planting , consisting of loose soil or top soil , compost , and manure with the same volume ratio of many who stirred until well blended , then input into pots / poly bag that has a minimum diameter of 30 cm.Fungsi gr
Pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftarowing media materials :
Soil to bind nutrients absorbed by the roots of the principle of cation exchange .
Manure to ensure the availability of essential ingredients for growth tanamanSeminggu before planting , growing media tumbuh.Bibit doused with a liquid stimulator implanted , at least four perfect leaves , healthy and growth bagus.Cara planting :
Make a hole in the center of the media , roughly a little larger than medium size plastic bibit.Buka seed by way of a push bottom and the top of the finger grip . be careful not to damage the media and resulted in terputus.Masukan seedling roots into the hole that was created .
Close the media seedlings with former media making holes , and then averaged .
Flush with plain water the planting medium is merata.Apabila hot weather , in order to be protective of banana that is bent into two parts , covering the seed disungkupkan resembles the shape of an isosceles triangle .
Plant Care
Watering is done regularly , every morning and evening , except for rainy weather
From the age of 7 days until the plants flower out dikocor stimulating fertilizer to grow , just given a glass and repeated once a week .
Perform Perempelan old leaves , fl
Pasang Iklan Gratisower buds first and all that comes out of the armpit leaves below the first branching .
Revocation of wild plants in the growing media at once with mengemburkan medium.
Pests or diseases , doing the spraying of pesticides .
Compared with soil seedbed , seeding with polybag is more profitable , reducing the risk of death of young seedlings will be moved to a big polybag . The use polybag nursery selected for the size of the smaller size of 10 cm , 4-6 cm wide and 0.5 mm thick , or we choose a large size such as for the removal of the end . Polybag which we market sudh usually no aeration holes , watering holes . If still lacking a lot of the added holes disekliling polybag .
Polybag nursery which will be a place we are prepared, enter the fertile soil , compost containing plenty of humus . Even better soil compost / humus we sifted to remove dirt or soil granules are too large . Into the medium was also added 150 g TSP or 80 g NPK NPK and 75 grams of Pesticides ( can use Furadan , PetPetrofur , Indofuran , Curater , etc. )
For the next step let polybag 2 -3 days , to level the ground in polybag or with digyang rocking / lift lift in order terjadi.Biasanya planting medium density planting medium will shrink a few centimeters after flushing . Moisten with water flush kemedia Polybag planting 1-2 scoop , with a hose until the water is almost saturated .
Chili seeds can be planted in polybags , for large polybag disa given hole with a small stick sedalm 0.5 cm , chili beans enter Ataur distance of about 3-5 cm . The number of seeds between 10-15 . planting holes , special wear a smaller siz
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayae polybag , 4-6 seeds per polybag ..NASA products are used :

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Idei mmiri ma na Jakarta ( Jabodetabek )

Idei mmiri ma na Jakarta ( Jabodetabek ) bụ n'oge gara aga. Otu n'ime ihe nke a pụrụ amịpụtara si idei mmiri bụ ùgwù nke mkpa revitalization ọtụtụ ebe ahụ, na-eme ka drainage kanaal ( iju mmiri ọwa ) na n'ichepụta njigide .
Ma mbubreyo ka bara uru na- ghọtara na enyịme ke ini emi mmepe na na tọghata ugbo ala Jabodetabek na mpaghara na-enw
Otu n'ime ọrụ n'ime ugbo ala bu mmiri ozuzo na mmiri nwa oge n'ụlọnga , sook na igbapu ndammana si upstream ka downstream watershed (nke fulcrum mmiri ).
Ntughari nke ugbo ala na-enweghị ihe ọnwụ nke prop ga- a idei mmiri nke mmiri na mpaghara nwere ikike idi ihe ma dissipate obere oké mmiri ozuzo , mgbe ole oké mmiri ozuzo na- dịtụ ofu , karịsịa ma ọ bụrụ na ụba.
Idei mmiri na Jakarta na obodo ndị ọzọ , dị ka mgbe idei mmiri na Bale Endah na Dayeuh mgbanwe na gburugburu Bandung Regency ka mgbe etịbe ke Obio tokyo , Japan ke 1990s ruru ka ulo oru mmepe na -efu nke osikapa n'ubi gburugburu n'afo 1980 ( Nishio 1999 ). Ebe ọ bụ na ka oge na-aga Japanese Gọọmenti iji chebe ugbo ala , karịsịa paddy n'ubi ụzọ dị iche iche .
Japan bu mepụtara na obodo bara ọgaranya. Ma usoro oru ugbo , karịsịa paddy ubi nke na govamenti na ndị Japan nnọọ mgbanwe . Japan pushes maka free ahia commodities osikapa . Japan eresi ndi oru ugbo na-ere ọka osikapa 285 yen kwa n'arọ ( Rp 22.800/kg ) na osikapa na na 350-400 yen kwa n'arọ ( Rp 30.000/kg ).
Tụnyere ndị ahịa mba na mba na ahịa ( FOB Thailand ) price eresi ke Japan ndị ọzọ dị oké ọnụ ugboro 10 . Ochichi na ndị Japan na-echebe eresi ndi oru ugbo na ala ubi mgbe " kpụ ọkụ oké ifufe " mba osikapa ahịa dị iche iche , dị ka nnukwu onye osikapa ibubata tax , enyemaka ma ọ bụ kpọmkwem ego na ndị ọrụ ugbo , na ndị ọzọ .
Kasị economists , gụnyere Indonesia Economist ga- atụle extravagant Japan aha otutu adighi ike . Gịnị mere m nsogbu ịmụta osikapa na ya , ma ike cornering Japanese eresi na mba ahịa , ga -adị ọnụ ala karịa? Ya ezi Japanese ede uri philosophize ka Khairil Anwar chọrọ ibi ndụ otu puku afọ , dị iche iche na nkà ihe ọmụma economists ka Keynes kwuru na " n'ikpeazụ anyị nile bụ ndị nwụrụ ." Japanese nwaa adịghị mkpụmkpụ - okwu uru , ma, nke ogologo oge nke mba ndị metụtara .
Nchegbu maka nchedo nke osikapa ubi Japan bụ ịtụnanya . Ọ bụ ezie na ọ bụ naanị anọ n'elu 10 emepụta eresi , mgbe Indonesia ke usoro 3 ke China ma India, Japanese ọsụ ụzọ tinyere South Korea na China jụrụ uwa ije nke na- ebu site mba mepere emepe na ( OECD ) iji belata acreage eresi paddy nọ n'ógbè ahụ Asia n'ihi na ihe nke methane umu anwuru .

SenangPoker.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  United States , otu n'ime mba mepere emepe na bụ mmadụ abụọ kpọrọ àgwà , ọbụna -enyo anyị enyo nke paddy . Olu -adabere na osikapa n'ubi dị ka isi iyi nke methane anwuru , ma na United States -echebekwa ya eresi ndi oru ugbo na enyemaka nke Rp 5.000/kg .
Ntak emi emekpala AS akuku osikapa ma osikapa abụghị isi nri ndị mmadụ? N'akụkụ nke ọzọ nke Uncle Sam ama ụtọ na-ere osikapa na a dị ọnụ ala karịa price ke mba n'ahịa. O nwere ike ịbụ , Japanese nri jelii ele US ndoro-ndoro ochichi . N'ezie, mba mepere emepe dị ka United States, nke ukwuu konsen nri nche maka ndị mmadụ, ma na-agbalị jidere ụwa nri n'ahịa.
Multifunctional Agriculture
Na paradigm na- ebu na -agbachitere Japanese osikapa paddy ugbo bụ multifung - si . Ala oru ubi , karịsịa osikapa kweere ka a nso nke na ọrụ na- erite uru , ma n'ihi na elu ugwu nke biophysical , aku na uba , na-elekọta mmadụ , omenala , ma ọ bụ mba resilience .
Ke ot osikapa ubi anya dị nnọọ ka paddy cultivation , palawija , na anụ ụlọ ( karịsịa azu ).
Ọka , ọka ma ọ bụ iyak mepụtara site na osikapa paddy ( marketable ibu ) jiri kpọrọ ihe dabere na ahịa usoro , ma n'ahịa bụ ike amata na gburugburu ebe obibi uru ọrụ , na ọdịdị nke ọrụ ma ọ bụ ngwongwo ikemeke ahịa ( na-abụghị marketable ibu ).
Dị ka ihe atụ , ruo ihe dị ka 100 ụbọchị na mgbakwunye na nke cultivation eresi na ọka mkpụrụ 4-5 tọn / ha eresi paddy nakwa mepụta oxygen 17,8 ton / ha ma banye carbon dioxide 24,4 ton / ha ( SEO na Ho - Seong , 2004 ).
Market usoro pụrụ nanị enwetaghị ọka , ma oxygen na carbon dioxide na-emepụta na- etinye obi gị dum lapse nke ikpe. N'ụzọ doro anya, n'ihi na nke a ka anyị nye ala ahịa nke ugbo na ngwaahịa , karịsịa ọka .
N'ihi na ala Fim Bụ Maka n'ihi na anụ ụlọ ọrụ ugbo n'ime ọrụ unattractive , mpako ma alihfungsi ( akakabarede ) nke ugbo ala. Dị ka ihe atụ , n'ihi na n'afọ 1999-2002 a akakabarede eresi paddy karịa 0,56 nde ha na N'ihi e nwere ụfọdụ uru na- efu.
Uru furu efu n'etiti 2,7 nde tọn osikapa emeputa mmiri ịgakwuru maka enyemaka nwere nke 526 nde M3 si otú a bụrụ ihe idei mmiri na downstream mba n'ihi ego mmiri apụghị ijide ọzọ ugbo ala ( n'ókèala ).
Weere ịda n'ụdị superficiality Mmiri ( karịsịa osimiri ) nke na -achọ dredging , enweghị ọrụ , karịsịa na obodo gburugburu 600 -700 puku 
Ọnwụ ma ọ bụ enweghị osikapa Production na mpaghara ka nwere ike imeri nso -eweta eresi si ná mpụga obodo ma ọ bụ ihe dị , ma na ọnwụ ma ọ bụ mmebi n'ihi nke akakabarede ọrụ n'ime eresi n'ubi n'ógbè , ikemeke dochie anya ọhụrụ ebipụta n'ubi ndị ọzọ na mpaghara . N'otu aka ahụ , nsogbu nke na-enweghị ọrụ n'ime ime obodo ndị Java ruru ka ibu - ọnụ ọgụgụ akakabarede ubi na- anaghị adị mfe ịkwụsị site n'ibi ọhụrụ n'ubi ke Papua .
Ọnụ ọgụgụ uru ọnwụ na / ma ọ bụ mmebi ahụhụ ga- esiwanye ibu site n'afọ ruo n'afọ n'ahịrị na ọnụego nke paddy ala akakabarede iketịbe ke isua ke oro ebede . Nke ahụ bụ ọdịdị nke cumulative metụtara ala akakabarede eresi n'ubi ka ibelata Production , ụkọ ọrụ na emebi gburugburu ebe obibi .
Obụp mi njigide nke n'ichepụta ke Bogor maka njikwa nke oke idemmiri Jakarta na ndị gbara ya gburugburu bu isi a mbubreyo uyarade nke elu ugwu nke ọrụ nke ugbo ala , karịsịa paddy n'ubi ke ukwọ ibelata .
Gbara ya gburugburu osikapa paddy dike nwere ike hụrụ dị ka obere ìgwè ndị a dam - dam ma ọ bụ mmiri retaining ponds (mmiri njigide Ponds ) bụ ndị bara uru maka iju mmiri ibelata . Mmiri ozuzo na- emeere otuonye ke nkebi - map n'ubi na- ebute site ná ma ọ bụ secreted nwayọọ nwayọọ ghọọ osimiri ozu na downstream ebe ruo mgbe ihe ize ndụ nke idei mmiri nwere ike belata .
Iju Mmiri ibelata ọrụ nke paddy ala enwetara elu ekele nke gomenti na ndị Japan. Nke a nwere ike hụrụ si obodo ọchịchị aka ndi oru ugbo na ụdị osikapa paddy kpọmkwem ego ( kpọmkwem ugwo ) nke US $ 3.300/ha/tahun ma ọ bụ n'ala akọrọ , ndi oru ugbo nke United States $ 500-1500 / ha / afọ dabere ná mkpọda nke ala ha ( MAFF 2001 ).
Ọzọkwa, ndị obodo ahụ ma ọ bụ na -asị downstream watershed ke Japan njikere akwụ nso nke ugbo ọrụ. Nsonaazụ Yoshida na Goda (2001) usoro CVM ( nkeji valueshion usoro ) gosiri Japanese otu dị njikere iji kwụọ ụgwọ buru ibu ọrụ nke ugbo ala n'ime 72 623 yen / ezinụlọ / afọ ( karịa USD 5 nde ) iji ugbo ala , karịsịa osikapa nọgidere .
ịrịba mmetụta
N'ịhụ ọdịdị nke gburugburu ebe obibi metụtara ala akakabarede ugbo , akpan akpan osikapa nwere ike kwuru na osikapa ala ntughari -eme nwere ike dị mkpa metụtara na gburugburu ebe obibi.
Njirimara nke gburugburu ebe obibi mmetụta mere site na ntughari eresi paddy izute Isi nke ịrịba mmetụta ibiere Bapedal Ọ 56 nke 1994. Dị ka ihe mkpata maka gburugburu ebe obibi nke metụtara nchigharị eresi paddy ga cumulative , ọ bụghị reversible ( irreversible ), na-agba nọgidere , na multikom - Ponen ma ọ bụ multiaspek gburugburu ebe obibi.
Ndabere nke ndị a anyị na -arụ ọrụ atụmatụ nke nchigharị nke ugbo ala , karịsịa paddy atụmatụ kwesịrị ịgụnye eme ihe ndị na chọrọ ihe EIA .
State Minista Environment edere na Nke 11 2006 banyere ụdị Business Atụmatụ na / ma ọ bụ ọrụ nke Dị Mkpa atụmatụ Analysis na gburugburu ebe obibi mmetụta ( EIA ) a -anọchi nke Minista State maka gburugburu ebe obibi Mkpebi Nke 17 nke 2001 na otu ihe chọrọ ka e degharịrị ịnabata ihe ahụ.
Ịtụle akakabarede eresi paddy bidoro na mgbanwe na mpaghara gbasara ohere atụmatụ ( RTRW ) mgbe mbụ pemerintahlah iwepụta ejizi gburugburu ebe obibi metụtara nke ahụ nwere ike ibili n'ihi nke akakabarede eresi paddy .

Poker757.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia Gburugburu ebe obibi metụtara nke kwesiri ibu isi nwere mmasị na- emetụta akụkụ nri n'obi iru ala, oru na ego , ndi oru ugbo na agbanwe ime obodo bi , mgbanwe na mmiri mgbasa obodo , na ọzọ.
Ka eligibility iwu n'ihi na mkpokọta nke EIA n'ime paddy ala ntughari -eme nwere ike na a ga- eme na gburugburu ebe obibi mmetụta nke mmiri nke gburugburu ebe obibi pụrụ kwara , minimized , ma ọ bụ na ihe nile . Na-abụghị nke osikapa paddy nwere ike ẹkedọhọde dị ka oke .
Nke a kwesịrị ije ozi dị ka ihe ndị na obodo ndị dị n'otu ma ọ bụ karịa nke watershed , dị ka Bandung , Semarang , Mmegide , na ndị ọzọ .
Ndị bụ doctoral oghere mmeri ke Management Studies Mmemme Mmadụ Resources na gburugburu ebe obibi , IPB , Bogor
Ha'aretz : Ikpeazụ gbanwetụrụ : 23/02/07Isi Iyi : http://danielpinem.wordpress.com/pemikiran-indonesia-februari-2007-2/Iju Mmiri ibelata ọrụ nke paddy n'ubi Lahan Citarum DAS
Iju Mmiri ibelata arụ nke Paddy Ubi ke Citarum River bezin
Plastic surgery Tala'ohu , S. Sutono , na F. Agus , Ala Research Institute , Bogor

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Mụta Mee ọkachamara Online Echekwala na WordPress ( EBIDO )

Mụta Mee ọkachamara Online Echekwala na WordPress ( EBIDO )
Ịmụta nke a , ma eleghị anya na -eche ọtụtụ ndị , ma ọ bụ enweghị ike ịbụ ihe dị mkpa ka ụfọdụ ndị mmadụ, n'ihi na ọ na od
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014omo si sob . ike ọkachamara online ụlọ ahịa na WordPress ya dị mfe , zuru isi , ya nwere website na CMS WordPress ( onwe kwadoro ), adịghị nwetara ? dimari chipped ... mgbe enyi m nwere WordPress dabeere na website ma ọ bụ blog , soro ya ntụziaka ugbu a.
Nke gara aga Ọ bụrụ na enyi m nwere mmasị na -emeghe ha online ufọkurua, dah bụghị nanị na- ike azụmahịa ma na-achọ ima elu a online ụlọ ahịa , m na -akwadebe otu isiokwu banyere Isi Malite a Business Online Echekwala , nwere ike inyere enyi onye ike ọzọ na mmụọ - mmụọ nsọ.Mụta Mee ọkachamara Online Echekwala na WordPress
Kwụpụ otu : Jikere Gburugburu
siapin ịbụ enyi m mbụ bụ isiokwu , nke isiokwu ya weittt .. ọ bụghị naanị ihe ọ bụla na isiokwu , ma ọ bụrụ na ị na-eme chọrọ ọkachamara online ufọkurua, enyi m ji ụgwọ iyi ọkachamara isiokwu nwekwara , na a isiokwu premiom ( ugwo ) dere.mkpa adịghị ike a akwa akwa - ko , dịkwa mma m free ịhụnanya ya , kama otu isiokwu nke mbụ dere ya, premiom isiokwu maka ọkachamara online ụlọ ahịa , aha ya na isiokwu MayaShop - A anabata nwekwara e- azụmahịa isiokwu , otu isiokwu dị ka isiokwu ị na - imewe m na- ahụ ụnyaahụ , na ihe ndị kasị ewu ewu na isiokwu na Themeforest , dị nnọọ mayashop ke bandrol ọzọ ọnụ na $ 60 , lee ngosi ebe a .. ọmarịcha good ? maa na- na oke good ? mma ya, m na njikọ na ibudata ya , biko ịkọrọ ya , kamakwa, otú ahụ ọtụtụ ihe ndị ọzọ maka abamuru nke ndị ọzọ ma ọ bụ nanị na m ibuotikọ nkwado a, biko ka facebook ma ọ bụ Tweet site na twitter ma ọ bụ e nwere ike na-akọrọ na google gbakwunyere na a Pịa nke button n'okpuru a ..
Dị ka , Tweet ma ọ bụ Share Download maka ya !
Nke a na mayashop ọma gunain , na mfe , m na -atụle taa dịkwa mma .mgbe wụnye isiokwu premiom , mayashop ga- achọ ihe dị mkpa bụ ka ajụkwa . na-aga na-esote nzọụkwụ .
Nzọụkwụ abụọ : jikere ngwa mgbakwunye
Ya free ngwa mgbakwunye ko Bro , m ahụmahụ, na ojiji nke ngwa mgbakwunye WP ecommerce ngwa mgbakwunye woocommerce mending pake mepụta WooThemes , biko donlot ya ọhụrụ melite ebe augbua Bro ? yo permut
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mfe ziri ezi? dere, dị nnọọ 2 nzọụkwụ ya. hhehe ..ihu ọma na ọ bụ naanị foto ko aja sob , ụmụ dị n'elu nzọụkwụ ka ọtụtụ ndị, dị ka ọ dị na mbụ ! na-eche maka ihe ọzọ post ya , hhehe ..
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leefofo loju omi: sosi; ala-isalẹ: 1em; ala-ọtun: 1em; ">

leefofo loju omi: sosi; ala-isalẹ: 1em; ala-ọtun: 1em; "> Akọle: asiri ti aseyoJual Baju Online Murahri Nṣẹda ati dun onjewiwa fun olubere
Author: Budi Sutomo Akede: nsbooks Iye: RP. 95.000Pemesanan: nsbooks.red @ gmail.com
Iwe Awọn akoonu: * Mo awọn iṣẹ ati awọn lilo seasoning Indonesia, Asia ati Yuroopu * Awọn ifihan ti ounje eroja fun awọn akojọ ašayan ojoojumọ * Mo tọ sise ọna * Mo kan orisii ẹfọ ni sise * Free ngbaradi awọn akojọ ti awọn osù * Peeli ni ifijišẹ pari orísirísi ti ikoko ati sample ṣe n ṣe awopọ, àkara, ati ohun mimu * Italolobo awọn egboogi ba kuna eyikeyi ilana * Ogogorun awon ilana to wulo lojojumo. Bẹrẹ ti n ṣe awopọ se lati eja, adie, pepeye, eran malu, eyin, tofu, tempeh, ẹfọ, bimo ti, ba bimo, satay, eran sisu, orisirisi sauces, kan orisirisi ti Ata, kan orisirisi ti pickles, gbajumo pastries, sisun onjẹ, ohun mimu, pudng. ati bẹbẹ lọ. * Fidio ọna asopọ lati ko eko sise taara pẹlu awọn onkowe
Iwe ohun ti o ra INU nẹtiwọki le Gramedia ile ipamọ iwe ATI Mountain adajọ
Jual Sepatu Online Murah +sukses+ok.jpg" imageanchor = "1" style = "ko o: ọtun; leefofo loju omi: ọtun; ala-isalẹ: 1em; ala-osi: 1em;"> Lẹhin awọn aseyori ti awọn iwe Ikọaláìdúró = "http://budiboga.blogspot.com/search?q=rahasia+sukses+membuat+cake+roti+kue+kering" afojusun = "gberefun"> aseyori asiri lati Rii akara oyinbo, Akara, Pastries & ipanu ọja. Budi Sutomo Onje wiwa awọn oṣiṣẹ lati tun-iwe kan jade Rasia aseyori to wulo sise Pataki fun olubere. Dajudaju iwe yi jẹ gidigidi wulo fun awọn ti o fẹ olubere lati ko eko lati Cook pẹlu kan wulo, rọrun, ki o si fun wa ti nhu n ṣe awopọ.
Fun olubere, sise le ma je kan dẹruba specter. Wọn ti wa ni lọra lati lọ si isalẹ lati awọn ibi idana ounjẹ fun iberu awon ikuna, iberu fun jije ti ko tọ si, eru ti ounje ati ki o kere si dun. Ati awọn ti o ba fẹ lati ko awọn ins ati dojuti ti sise, ẹri olubere le ṣe ounje lai ati gbe awọn ikuna ti nhu n ṣe awopọ.
Nipasẹ iwe yi, ti onkowe koto mun ni ipari yii ti sise, ti o jẹ pataki fun o olubere. Ni ibere ti awọn iwe naa, o yoo ipese pẹlu akọbẹrẹ imo ewebe ati foodstuffs, bi daradara bi awọn iṣẹ-ati iwulo re. Kọọkan aworan ti wa ni de seasoning ati awọn eroja ki o yoo ko tọ si ni tio lọ.
Siwaju sii nipa awọn ọna fanfa ti sise. Wa ti ọpọlọpọ awọn ọna ti sise. Kọọkan sise ọna ti nbeere awọn oniwe-ara ati itoju to konge, ati ki o yoo ja ninu rẹ, sojurigindin, ati awọ ti o yatọ si n ṣe awopọ. Mọ tọ ọna ti sise mu ki
Pasang Iklan Online o ye ati ki o ni anfani lati ni niwa o daradara.
uhuk="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EqYmPFeXSlM/Ud4k9B5PzFI/AAAAAAAACZc/vaZHzbJCT9w/s1600/cover+buku+masakan+praktis+-+baru.jpg" imageanchor = "1" style = "ko o: sosi; leefofo loju omi: sosi; ala-isalẹ: 1em; ala-ọtun: 1em;"> Sise Italolobo di ohun pataki apakan ninu iwe yi. Italologo antigagal o gbodo mo ni ibere lati yago fun ikuna, bi awọn ikoko ti ṣiṣe kan ki o si ko o broth ti nhu, sample lati ṣe mayonnaise lati breakage, tabi Italolobo antigagal ṣe opportunistic agbon adie ti a ko ti bajẹ.
Iwe yi tun wa pẹlu kan itọsọna si ngbaradi awọn akojọ fun osu kan. Paapa fun awon ti o ti wa ni o kan ti o ko eko lati Cook, a ma dapo mọ lati mọ awọn akojọ ašayan ojoojumọ orisirisi ati awọn idile awọn to fẹ.
Akọkọ apa kan ni gbigba ti awọn ilana lati ṣe onjẹ, adie, eja, onje bi eja, pasita, ni ilọsiwaju iresi, tofu, tempeh, soups, ẹfọ, obe, sauces, ati awọn kan ninu awọn orisirisi awọn akara ajẹkẹyin ounjẹ pari. Ogogorun awon ilana ti wa ni lilo ọna pataki kan idayatọ ati lilo ede ti o ti wa ni irọrun gbọye. Gbogbo ohunelo ninu iwe yi ti ni tun de sample antigagal kedere parsed.
Gbekele mi, Ologun pẹlu iwe yi, ti o ba ti wa ni ẹri ko àìrọrùn mọ si isalẹ lati awọn ibi idana ounjẹ. Ni kan ti o dara sise! Olupilẹṣẹ iwe,
Budi Sutomo, S
Pasang Iklan Baris Gratis Tanpa Daftar.Pd

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