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Preparation of Growing Media , a growing place in supporting the growth of plant roots to absorb the nutrients in the form of food through its roots . Planting medium should be ready no later than two weeks before planting , consisting of loose soil or top soil , compost , and manure with the same volume ratio of many who stirred until well blended , then input into pots / poly bag that has a minimum diameter of 30 cm.Fungsi gr
Pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftarowing media materials :
Soil to bind nutrients absorbed by the roots of the principle of cation exchange .
Manure to ensure the availability of essential ingredients for growth tanamanSeminggu before planting , growing media tumbuh.Bibit doused with a liquid stimulator implanted , at least four perfect leaves , healthy and growth bagus.Cara planting :
Make a hole in the center of the media , roughly a little larger than medium size plastic bibit.Buka seed by way of a push bottom and the top of the finger grip . be careful not to damage the media and resulted in terputus.Masukan seedling roots into the hole that was created .
Close the media seedlings with former media making holes , and then averaged .
Flush with plain water the planting medium is merata.Apabila hot weather , in order to be protective of banana that is bent into two parts , covering the seed disungkupkan resembles the shape of an isosceles triangle .
Plant Care
Watering is done regularly , every morning and evening , except for rainy weather
From the age of 7 days until the plants flower out dikocor stimulating fertilizer to grow , just given a glass and repeated once a week .
Perform Perempelan old leaves , fl
Pasang Iklan Gratisower buds first and all that comes out of the armpit leaves below the first branching .
Revocation of wild plants in the growing media at once with mengemburkan medium.
Pests or diseases , doing the spraying of pesticides .
Compared with soil seedbed , seeding with polybag is more profitable , reducing the risk of death of young seedlings will be moved to a big polybag . The use polybag nursery selected for the size of the smaller size of 10 cm , 4-6 cm wide and 0.5 mm thick , or we choose a large size such as for the removal of the end . Polybag which we market sudh usually no aeration holes , watering holes . If still lacking a lot of the added holes disekliling polybag .
Polybag nursery which will be a place we are prepared, enter the fertile soil , compost containing plenty of humus . Even better soil compost / humus we sifted to remove dirt or soil granules are too large . Into the medium was also added 150 g TSP or 80 g NPK NPK and 75 grams of Pesticides ( can use Furadan , PetPetrofur , Indofuran , Curater , etc. )
For the next step let polybag 2 -3 days , to level the ground in polybag or with digyang rocking / lift lift in order terjadi.Biasanya planting medium density planting medium will shrink a few centimeters after flushing . Moisten with water flush kemedia Polybag planting 1-2 scoop , with a hose until the water is almost saturated .
Chili seeds can be planted in polybags , for large polybag disa given hole with a small stick sedalm 0.5 cm , chili beans enter Ataur distance of about 3-5 cm . The number of seeds between 10-15 . planting holes , special wear a smaller siz
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