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Depreciation cage 20% / year thus

Depreciation cage 20% / year thus depreciation for the period. 10
cows need drugs Rp. 50,000 / tail / period. 1 person workforce judi online with a salary of Rp. 750,000 / month. Cage equipment needed is Rp. 250,000 / period. Impurities generated during the first period of 6,000 kg can be sold at a price of Rp. 200 / kg.
  Fattening beef cattle are the maintenance of adult cattle in the state for increased lean body weight through enlargement of meat in a relatively short time (3-5 months). Some issues related to beef cattle fattening are:
1 Types of Beef Cattle.
Several types of cattle used to going in fattening beef cattle in Indonesia are:
a. Bali cattle.
Characteristic red color with white on the legs from the knees down and the buttocks, the back striped black (line eel). The advantages of this cow can adapt well to the new environment.
b. Ongole cattle.
Characteristics are white with black in some parts of the body, sagged and humped, and good adaptability. This species has been crossed with Madura cattle, the offspring is called Peranakan Ongole (PO) with the same characteristics Ongole cattle but lower production capabilities.
c. Brahman cattle.
Characteristics brown to dark brown, with white
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d. Madura cattle.
Has a characteristic humped, yellow to red brick, sometimes there is white on the muzzle, tail and lower legs. Type these cows have a low weight gain power.